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a ..iJj 




September 1 , 1990 


This book is not a work of fiction. Names, characters, 
places, and incidents are neither the products of the authors' 
imaginations or used fictitiously, and any resemblance to 
actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely 
intentional. That is unless what is stated is obviously so 
ridiculous that it must be fiction, wherein it is fiction. 
Thus, use your own judgement, and if something is offensive, 
then it is most definately fiction. 




^ a. ^ 





On the Road 
to Hingham High 


Since When? 

The Morning Race for a 
parking space 




Fun fact: These doors have been walked through 540 times by each senior 
. . . (not including those who skipped) 




BUT . . . This is Hingham on the Weekends 

Kerry sees a hunk 

Writn' a love letter Andy? 

Tory is in deep thought 

Peggy shields her eyes from the deadly rays of the overhead projector 

i before e accept after c 



Kim Bray connecting dots 

Josh ponders about the solution to the environmental crisis 

Dega finally wakes up 

Liz finishes up her essay due next period 

Robert Plant — the King of Calculus 

Smile Charlie!! 

How bout some extra — help? 

one plus one equals TWO!!!! 
or is that too much for you 


left: SPREAD EM' 

Mr. Higgins sees a ghost 

Master of the Universe . . . BAISDEN the BAR- 





«t7^ 7'7; 


Charles T. Adams 
"No stop signs, speed limit nobody's go- 
ing to slow me down. Lock your wheels 
going to spin it nobody's going to mess 
me around. Hey Mama look at me I'm 
on my way to the promise land I'm on a 
Highway to Hell" AC/DC "You think 
something's funny. . .laugh at this" S.T. 
"How will I laugh tomorrow when I can't 
even smile today" Thanx Mom and Dad 
I love you both. I.M., K.L., S.R., D.M. 

Michael Agostino 
Mike, Aggie 
To play a game well is satisfactory, To 
play it exceptionally is to win without 
boasting and lose without excuse. We 
should keep our heads high, and keep 
striving for success. Thanks Mom and 
Dad, Carolyn, H.K., K.R., S.Q., J.M. 

Erik Ahlstedt 

Tory Allan 
Ireland '88 Skiing N.H. Til, Neuf, Katy, 
Pat, Sebs '89 Bon Jovi K.T., C.B. '88 
'89 Mattapoiset '90 Thanx K.T. for being 
such a great best friend 4-eva, don't for- 
get those bike rides K.J., never forget 
Spanish C.B., Joel Alg II, Mel, T.G., Love 
you Mom and Dad Thanx Tom & Tuck, 
Gold Gym, N.E.F.C, LA Nautilus, Thanx 
for your help & love in every way Alex 
(I Love You) All we need is a little pa- 
tience Guns & Roses It's been fun but 
we must move on! I MADE IT!!!! 

Matthew Goodwin Anastos 
"There is a time when I'm in the center 
of my mind." Batcave! Food fight at Bo- 
zo's. Connie, Johnny, and Swanny! Mid- 
years '90, Looney Toones, V-ball 4th, 
Ms. Luce you look lovely today! "Dice 
'89", "Swanny broke the chair. Let's burn 
it! The five, "Clapton '90", Matt can I 
use your car. Gordooooo! Joe, I'm a nice 
guy! Fatman, Bakers house. Thank God 
it's over! 

Jeffrey C. Anderson 
Jeff, Coop 
"If you don't play to win, then don't play 
at all." Sunset Ln. Bow your head. The 
lightplant, UNH, and Veneto's gerbil. 
Weather predictions. Find me a bubbler, 
Nurse Linda "right" Watson please get 
a new set of clubs. Hockey (states) and 
lax. Gushing pond. Watson and Matty 
"Memories" Boss we have a new con- 
tract. Cano rollerblades. Veneto hows that 
pail taste. Thanks Mom, Dad, Chris, and 
Steve, and God above. Thanks: MV, CW, 
MC, JW, MB, CO, BD, AC, AR, BC, RC, 
SV, RK. 

Christina Yuonne Bamberger 
"Chrissy" "Bambs" "Christopher" 
"Nothin' left to do but smile." Summer 
90, Thayer men never again! Hidoo- 
Grapes, Hooded twins, UR not immune! 
who's behind u? Grad party 90 Thud! 
Stop laughing Bon! Midnight steakout J 
& S. What blue flashing lights? Long CJS 
talks, BC. Graffitti party, subway trip, 
bad influence J. They stopped the T! is 
that bad? Isn't that wierd? 
Did. . .Did. . .JK chocolate choops! Nat, 
my fav sis Thanx for being there I Luv 
U! SH Gang thanx for good times & all 
your suppor! 

Adam Barker 


Samantha Barry 
"You who are on your own must have a 
code that you can live by, so become 
yourself, cuz the past is just a goodbye" 
VW, KB, SC, MB, JD, KC, BV so many 
good times: TPL Limo, Pocasset?, Duck 
Pond, PG Shower Cap, DJ, POD-NOT! 
VT — IWOOPS! Shakazulu! Trees? my 
bowl, A/J, lights, MF, BH (Franco) "Mike, 
we're being raided!" JO — couldn't have 
done it w/o u! JOE — "I said 1 love you 
and that's forever, this I promise from 
the heart." Thanks for everything! 

Salvatore Vincent Bartolotti 
"The Don" 
"Green machine. Split window Incident 
doing 80 mph, 100 pumpkins in the girl. 
Fuse blowing, Zayres in the winter, slick. 
White Rose, Schmitty, Baseball in Class- 
room, Oily, Marco. Have a wonderful life 
in the future all!" 

Joseph Louis Beaulieu III 
Bozo, Connie, Joe 
"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than 
cry with the saints. The sinners are much 
more fun." Bakes — /Let's have a porch 
on the. . ." Gordo — "Take a load off 
Connie." Matty A — "Light my fire 
(chair)," Bat cave. Andy — Boose Bros. 
SWANNY, Beauzo's Z28 (stuck in N.Y.), 
The 5 midyears '90, Taco Bell. Sam (11/ 
23/88) "Happiness isn't a feeling. It's a 
state of mind when you're with the one 
you love." "I'd be lost and lonely if not 
for you." I Love You! 

Jennifer — Anne Bell 
JAB, Jenn 
To live is to fly. Love you Tod, Pam, 
Suze, Ben, Brook, and Steph. Only you 
Pablo. Mexico and. . ., Field Hockey, 
Thailand '90. Funny faces in funny plac- 
es, GBNO/MASC, mornings in the green 
boat. Thank you Mom, Dad, and Darren 

Thomas Walter Bellew 


"Enjoy yourself and live your life to the 

fullest" "Always dream and shoot higher 

than you know you can do." 

Theodore Oliver Bennett 
Look beyond the Fashions or the crowd 
they are in. Look beyond the riches or 
the color of the skin. Look beyond ap- 
pearance and the truth you will find. Look 
for what's inside before you make up your 
mind. Your only young once — so do it 
right. Breakdown show 88 

Corey S. Berman 
"Intelligence is not so much the capacity 
to learn as the capacity to wonder" - • 
Oliver Wendall Holmes. Amy — We'll 
never understand! I'm smarter. Early 
breakfasts (sometimes) One way? The 
Bathroom. We had a great year. Keep 
in touch: R.C., C.B., A.C., R.O., L.L., 
M.N., H.C., Meghan (smelly) What's my 
name? Brussels, pubs, very long car rides, 
the Femmes, the Dead Milkmen, shop- 
ping, and many long distance phone calls. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, and Julie. I'll see you 
on the dark side of the moon. 

Kimberly Berry 
Kim, Moosey, Kimmy, Kimbo 
"Friends you meet along life's road help 
you appreciate the journey." Danielle & 
Kerrin — Friends till the end! Mel, M.O., 
T.W., I.M., H.M., C.C, M.G., J.G. Skiing 
'89 — Watchout for the tunnel! Parties, 
sink the boat. Cape Cod; good times, great 
friends. France. Laugh! We're not home- 
sick! Tennis. Arizona "Pick it". Hockey 
Cheerleading. Kerrin — Practical Jokes 
Mags class. Son of a buckle! Whares the 
baar? Cherry pie. migomy! Thanx M & 
P and Tom! xoxo 






>■ '-^^1 



^H^2^ ^ 




Sara Kathleen Bcszterczey 
"Do not wish to be anything but what 
you are, and try to be that perfectly." 
". . .And nothing else can ease my heart." 
A.J.S. But there's a difference. 1 hope 
you're not done yet. (4 am) Procrastinate 
much? Help yourself, Dee. Of course I'll 
come. Happy fingers on Happy eyes. 
Shaha. Ambassador? Do you live there? 
Sum. '89. Siamese twins. To my friends 
— Our differences have brought us clos- 
er. Great times. Memories I'll never for- 
get. Thanx. Esteban, Mom and Dad. I luv 

Elizabeth Blampied 
"A lifetime is not too long to live as 
friends" Nantucket '88 — sure I know 
my way (ending up at the airport), bay- 
watch with girlyman, b- ball '87 with lil' 
buddy, whoa nellie, native land, water- 
wedgies at Winna, strummin in my face, 
skiing with larda, lurps and burps, 
maAshfield, cheesy randomness, Mel, 
blazer and vineyard men. Vogue, bono's 
buns, smoothies, France '90, that night 
— ole chucklns, modesty, comfy couch- 
ettes, shields down, & American pic. 

Michelle Blaustein 
"To meet, to know, to love — and then 
to part, is the sad tale of many a human 
heart." Sarah — 1 couldn't have done it 
without you, my BF (DC '90). Ted — 
"absence makes the heart grow fonder." 
Thanx for everything hun. V — "Oh ba- 
by baby its a Wild World," (CC 
runs). . .Meg, Bretski, Sam, Sue. . .Thanx 
for the good times — "party on" NOT 
— never lose touch. I LOVE YOU GUYS. 
Thanx Mom, Dad, Nate, and Lisa — 1 
couldn't have asked for better. I LOVE 

Allison Jane Bonnyman 
Who ahh you?! Flannels, Pembroke, Aww 
Fudge, COM 450 SL C uh, 
ukaey. . .Bocabec, violin, California 
Drcamin', Scituate, Welcome Farm Gym- 
nastics CM — wrestling room. Flex twins. 
France, Magners class. "Though the dis- 
tance and the years may pull us apart 
we'll always be together in the memories 
of our hearts." KB, CH, PS, RM — 1 
love you guys! 

Kevin Borowski 

Marguerite Brackley 
Meg, Meglet 
Nobody sees a flower — really — it Is 
so small — we haven't time — and to 
see takes time like to have a friend tale 
time." I'm so glad we took the time. 
"Never give up, never slow down, never 
grow old, never ever die young." "It Might 
Be You" "Yes other hearts were broken, 
other dreams ran dry but our golden ones 
sail on, sail on to another land beneath 
another sky." Always remember our love 
and friendship. 

Kimberly Bray 
"To try to be someone you're not is to 
waste the person you are." Violin! Viola! 
Cello! Welcome farm — the kitchen sink 
(everything but!) — tie up the cow! Boc 
a Bee — Al, my sleeping bag's gone! She 
obviously doesn't have a li- 
cense. . .California Dreamln. . .Make 
Up?! Lillian Vernon! Milll Vanllll — THE 
jects — you don't need hand-eye coor- 
dination to swim!. . ."and the goodbye 
makes the journey harder still" Cs 

Michael Brennan 
Life Itself is a race, marked by a start, 
and a finish. It Is what we learn during 
the race, and how we apply it, that de- 
termines whether our participation has 
had particular value. If we learn from 
each success, and each failure, and im- 
prove ourselves through this process, 
then, at the end, we will have fulfilled 
our potential and preformed well. SS, KS, 
BD, BM, RS, MV, KL, TS, HG, SD Biv 
& Devoe The stooges Thanks Mom & 


Kerry Ann Brett 
We laughed until we started to cry. We 
loved until the last goodbye. Too many 
good times. Run, Yow! Wah! into Woods, 
its not ours, . Evil Twin Franco, No boom 
sam, party on V, list. MB, SC, Vez. Nis- 
muledelski. Town forest, Luke, Tom, 
Webby, Matty, D, klutch, scout, shows, 
89, 90. You're all set! I would, not! NDA. 
1 L Y Chrissy. DH, Booma, JM, KH, JD, 
CK, PPTT! Just being together. Never 
say goodbye. I Love you Mom and Dad, 
& T, E, M, FREE at last! 

Richard W. Bridges 
I'm not looking back, but I want to look 
around me now and see more of the peo- 
ple and the places that surround me now, 
I let my past go too fast, if I could slow 
it all down, like some captain whose ship 
runs aground, I can wait until the tide 
comes around. Summer's going fast, 
nights growing colder, children growing 
up, old friends growing older. Experience 
slips away. Time Stand Still. 

Mark Kristopher Brooke 
Lifes too short so live each day to its 
fullest, you never no when your number 
will be up!!. . .Weekend spots. . .Weir 
St. . .The Harbor. . .1/4 mile. . .And 
here's to you all the Boys in Blue who 
tried to stop me Prom Partying!!! Thanks 
Mom and Dad, and all the people at the 

Michael Browne 
When you stop learning you will soon ne- 
glect what you already know. Thanks 
Mom and Dad, JD, JA, MD, TH 


Carrie Vestine Buckley 
Buck, Bucky, Buca, Vesty, Buckla 
"Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. 
I'm afraid its time to say goodbye again." 
Cheerleading — do the flip thing! Bas- 
ketball — come hither. ONE WAY. The 
dancing cello. Spanish — T.A. New 
Hampshire 90 — T.A., Kit. Cha-Chink- 
Cha- Chink. Take a memo! So u like it? 
Shut up! KT Where's your top? DUDE. 
B.C.'s party - JELLY FISH, So this is 
what a football game looks like! "If you're 
tired of searching this is where it ends." 
Love to ALL my friends, family, and to 
the cheerleaders for making it great and 
especially to S. for being such an influ- 
ence in my life. 


Phil Cafferty 
"Schmaffo", "Leeper", "Cool Guy" 
"Standing at the crossroads, trying to read 
signs, to tell me which way I should go 
to find the answers." (E.C. = the legend) 
The time has come to face life in our own, 
arc we ready? Key lessons I learned: U 
can't always get what U want, happiness 
= everything, real friends = forever, 
hardest thing to lose is what U never had 
= Princess = no regrets. I'll remember: 
Main line, friends, "U R lie so weird", 
friends vs. lovers, "they call us cool guy 
+ gall". Aloha! 

Kerrin Campbell 
"For everything you have missed, you 
gain something else; and for everything 
you have gained, you lose something" — 
Emerson — Lauren, Kim + Danielle — 
A true friend is forever — BK, MD, MK, 
AC, JK, RK, BR, IM, — Thanks for eve- 
rything — Humarock w/Lindsey + Ni- 
cole (best friends always!) Mom, Jay, Al- 
lison, Megan — I love you guys! Miss you 
Dad. . . 

Robert Greene Canavan 
Bob, Cano 
Not failure but low aim is a crime/By 
Duv Moo Michelle, you're worth the wait/ 
P.S. I killed a squerwol/G.R.C./Bud L 
Crew Mascot/Battle of Moncada — foot- 
binding/USA 1617/Thank you Mom, 
Dad, + Gaby/Good Luck Class of 1991 
— 6 min. practice in Tyngsbor/Blade 
show me a good loser and I'll show you 
a loser. 



»ii rm 

Susan Elizabeth Cannon 
Susie, Sue, S.Q.Q. 
CSN 90, Exit 44, Raul TLT, Hcinus Anus 
Sugarhill Gang, Hingham Harbor, Florida 
89. AVAVAVA! El Smell, midnight 
Stakeout, "orange" "The Copa". Your 
itching my . Non student. Ay Car- 

ramba, J.H. You are so insensative. Des- 
tany I'm driving, BB2, No ARB, Al + 
Pete U Mass 90. This is my dumb friend 
K.R. 1 am so angry! Bonnie Grounded? 
Thanx Kerbear, Katie, John; Mom and 
Dad, and Jen M. meet me on the sugar- 

Rebecca L. Cappers 
Bo Becca 
"Far away, there in the sun, are my high- 
est aspirations. I may not reach them, 
but ! can look up, sec their beauty, be- 
lieve in them and try to follow where they 
lead." B-ball games, drama mamas. N.Y., 
Montreal, Lynn "you're my hero". Spec- 
trum, sunrises, canoeing, sleeping pills, 
dizzy, Hopi Indian, Mrs. Hopl, Indian, stop 
signs, Rosecllff, Ernie's, D per study, yap 
yap, Fool, Little Mermaid, ba-boom! 

Thomas J. Cary 
The people of my homeworld claimed to 
be peaceful and loving: idealists of the 
First order. Till I was Born among them; 
a mutant, feared and shunned, Spat up- 
on. Laughed at. Locked away. But I mur- 
dered their world instead, rose up and 
claimed it as my own. In Human? Of 
course I'm inhuman. To despise Com- 
passion. Laugh at love, revel in Hate — 
To be utterly, unrepentedly inhuman is 
the only sane response In a universe as 
Brutal and senseless as this one. 

Brian Carnes 


The difference between the impossible 

and the possible lies a persons determind 


Matthew Carnes 
"Matty C" 
Play to win otherwise you never will. 

Cheryl Ann Carney 
The High School years, where did they 
go?! The Dancing Cello, Zen driving, F 
+ B games, concerts, GC par- 
ties. . .Those spotlights! Canada ski trips, 
the Hanz and Franz guards, Jellyfish, ride 
— cowboy — ride, head-banging w/BD, 
Cha-chink Cha- chink, "We're all over 
it." "Thanks to all my friends for all the 
great times." Esp: WH, NL, JD, CB, KW, 
CO'B, and all the cheerleaders. C.W. — 
thanx for everything. Always remember 
the importance of friendship and love, 
w/o them you are nothing. 

Amy Rebecca Carpenter 
"To try to be someone you're not is to 
waste the person you are." Thanks to all 
my friends, especially Mom and Dad. (I'll 
never forget you either Mark!) ZooeEl: I 
campfav (schizo & my dad the dealer) 
YES! Bubble — O: Club Med oatmeal 
cookies hammocktime star ER You Must 
BE ONE With The Chicken - ATON. 
M & Raincoat: E period eternalpass. RIP 
Tinselfuge Bonnie & molasses taffy Mianst 
@ night sledding sailing sitting wlerd- 
phases Workcamp MUPPET! PAP. Way 
to go Thoreau. I'm gonna Ramble On. . . 

Jon Carpenter 


Susannah Carr 
Each time you stand up for an ideal or 
strike out against injustice, you send forth 
a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each 
other from a million different centers of 
energy and daring, those ripples build a 
current that can sweep down the might- 
iest walls of oppression and resistance — 
RFK. Jen — Mexico, Japan, Morning 
memories, GBNO/MASC. Her mother 
works for Burger King? So, I'm a little 
gullible. Joostice Kills. Thanks Mum and 

Katherine Carty 
"This is the time to remember cause it 
will not last forever. These are the days 
to hold on to cause we won't although 
we want to" L-nights, laugh over life, Nice 

— onomatopoeia. Heart of Gold, A long, 
long time ago, carpe diem, Sandy Beach 

— seek solace in a bottle. Guardian, 
Schprokets, launch man, fellow full-back: 
memba? Kim's wreath. Beach Rules, Je 
dois p.. Grease, Traveling Wilburies, Mel, 
the loft. Don't you know?, say anything. 
Dux, lifeguard, F. Hockey, lax. 

David William Cham 
Wow! No Hat! You're welcome Mom and 
Dad. After all these years of trying to be 
like everyone else, I have learned the 
only true way to be, is yourself, here's 
to JP — nice wheels/The Basement/ 
CJH dance/CMC/Riff #298/spare tire/ 
Lingus Family Band/Kristen thank you 
for everything you've taught me, to nev- 
er quit, because staying with it, definately 
pays off. "ditto". THANKS Mom and 
Dad, JO, MT, GM, MF, and everybody 

Eric Scott Chessler 


Once you are determined to succeed you 

can accomplish anything. WU, PC, SP, 


Ryan Clinton 
Rye Guy, Clint 
If one only wished to be happy, this could 
be easily accomplished; but we wish to 
be happier than other people, and this 
is very difficult, for we always believe 
others to be happier than we are. 6 — 

Jennifer Lee Cocio 
"Commit your way to the lord; trust in 
him and he will do this: He will make 
your righteousness shine like the dawn" 
(Psalm 37 5-6), I did it Mom and Dad, 
Love you! P.M. "Fuff" L.C., D.G., M.F., 
were out, I can't believe it! P.M., K.J., 
Sundays, football anyone? I can't live with 
out the Gang! "Toast"! J.A., K.H., C.S., 
M.G., M.M., Summer '90 Best ever. I 
love you guys with all my heart! 

Douglas Dewitt Colclough 
"Power is all perception. It's non — use 
is its most powerful use. The trick is to 
use the least amount of power to create 
the maximum amount of change. Some- 
one who has elegance can apply power 
selectively, like a laser, and carefully, al- 
most unobtrusively, so that you don't feel 
like you're being overpowered. You feel 
you're being motivated." — Peter Guber 
You have the rest of your life to figure 
out what the hell that means. Bye. 

Jeffrey T. Colket 
The essence of life is real experienc- 
es. . .But without true friends, one has 
never experienced real life. ... — J.C. 
Waterville — '90, Lazelle, Macbeth, Lol- 
lipops, Onion Bulbs, C & C Bushwackers, 
House of Pain, Fishing with Dirk, the 
7G'S, the Russian Video, the 1st Glug, 
the ski Binding, Rusty, Einstein — Broad- 
way, V-Ball, Turkey Hill, New Years — 
Dare! — "Life moves pretty quickly. . .If 
you don't stop to enjoy It sometimes, it 
might pass you by." — FB 


Lynnctte Condito 
Love you M.B. Greenon Thursday D.G. 
Vogue MD. Phlegm Laura the Flounda 
Dramastar Summer 90 "Wally" Have you 
seen Herb? Where's Todd? Express 
Yourself! Paul, Face, Jen Love Ya! Wild- 
thing, Festival, Bahamas, Dean Ed Flag 
Jeans Waaf Swallow? Tim Crue Pussycat 
Artistico? Bart 2 Jaspers Grounded 
Again? Maine! Enuffs Enuff Signs 
Spewww Aloha Picnics Peace Love and 
Jujy fruits for ail! LLL yy kkk me! 

Sarah Dunn Condon 
"I always knew that looking back on my 
crying would make me laugh, but 1 never 
knew looking back on my laughter would 
make me cry." Michelle — D.C. '90, Tal- 
bots, Star's, clearance, my BF, — SB, 
BV, VW, MS, MD, AK, KB — Thanks 
— smoodgie, patches, los lobos, tomp. 
limo, v's car, pr.d., "push buttons', sar- 
ita, M.F., Thank you, 1 love — Mom, 
Dad, Chris, Meg 

Eileen Connolly 
"If one does not fail at times, then one 
has not challenged himself." Thanks 
Mom, Katie, Colleen, S.B., D.P., K.H., 
J.F., S.M., T.W., E.W., T.C., RB., D.P., 
M.B., L.L., S.M., T.G., J.M., "Frank", 2 
headed lion, New Years Eve "89". Pic- 
tionary. Summer of "89" and "90" N.H. 
C. Kerp, Dad, I finally made it! See ya 
bright and early. Keep Smiling! 

Heather Young Connors 
Party Party Party Jane's House Corn- 
fields Limo in Boston OH GOD. The Dead 
Please What's that noise, oh no Jody New 
Year's Eve '89 Junior Prom Cape Cod 
Julee's House The gang AP BP MC CB 
HJ AJ HF TS TM SW AB, To the su- 
garhill — Thanks for all the wonderful 
memories. JC does this thing have a head? 
JS thinkable, quick M & D are gone! DO 
plastic tomatoes, I meet you half way, 
Mlah Thanks for listening I love U. Tom- 
my — so many memories now all won- 
derful I love U. M & D thanks for caring. 

Kristen Jamie Conway 
Sam and the B-Light crew especially Sue 
and Stu. Sue — "Do you want one? un 
yeah." "Is Bernard there? no. com- 
mander DeMagglo?" "I'm lonely" Hali- 
fax '90 — "Are you. . .you are?" Stu — 
"fuzzmuzz" "clam" RC — "Where's 
Michelle?" Sam — "Oh Kris" "Is this 
your bottle of Absolut?" JS camp — "I 
wuv you Kwisten" Karin — lost after 
Aerosmlth; cupcakes, MB & SC — "It's 
an ash. . .no, It's tick" Good Times — 
Anne's, Phil's, cornfields. Thanx Mom and 
Dad. I love you both. 

Thomas Edward Corry 
"Greater love hath no man than this, that 
he lay down his life for his friends" — 
St. John 4 b.c. — 30 K.B., M.D., D.F., 
L.M., T.W., You know Maine don't, have 
no mercy "People are too good for this 
world" K. Vonnegut Troubles in a Row- 
boat. Thanks to my family and friends, 
and a special thanks to the New Orleans 
Rad's. Let Your Hammer Fly! 

Ann Cortese 
"Take each day as It comes; Forget about 
the past if It's bad and begin your fu- 
ture." JD, MD, KC, MK, LS, BR, Cathy, 
Tony, Mom and Dad thanks for every- 
thing. Lauren, Rob and Josh, I love you 
guys. You're the best. Good luck to eve- 

Mark Scott Cotsonas 
"What the mind of man can conceive and 
believe it can achieve." Let the good times 
roll: B-ball; Costa Rica; Club Med; ham- 
mocks; midnight missions; Golden Char- 
iot; One with the chicken; Glugg Fests; 
C & C — Bushwackers; orange chair; 
Macbeth video; Stowe — '89; scruff; 
wings; exercise room; my chain; The Star 
— New Years Eve. Thanks to all my 
friends, especially Mom and Dad. I'll nev- 
er forget you Amy. "Make life your mis- 
sion — not an intermission." 


Tom Cox 

Jody Crawford 
So many friendships and memories tfiat 
go by so quickly but stay in my heart 
forever. D.M.: Dude, Naah, C.F.: 1st day 
SJH. C.N.: B.S! H.K; PRINCEP so dry 
cima what? H.C.: Bird garage Boston B- 
day "Great" Does it have a head? D.: 
Wildcat pass bananas" fredo Strange Be- 
havior J.S.: Saltines, BOSTON, B.L., 
thanx to S.C, A.S, J.H, K.K, J.D, J.K, 
K.R, H.M, C.L, T.H, R.H, Nicki, Mom 
Dad J + J + J love you so much!! J.S, 

Amy Beth Crowell 
"Reputation is what folks think you are. 
Personality is what you seem to be. Char- 
acter is what you really are." Ryan (silly): 
"Ditto" N.H. and P.A! Omni Theater. 
Nick at Nite. 12:00 am! Widowed at age 
171 The car won't start! Lynn: 15 years?! 
What doorbell? 7:00? Grey: I'm smarter! 
We will never understand! Breakfast/ 
Brunch. . .Thank's for everything!! Good- 
luck in all that you to do. Thanks M, D, 
J, & I I still don't get it! 

Jeffery B. Darling 
"Think big and deeds will grow; Think 
small and you'll fall behind; Think that 
you can and you will; It's all in a state 
of mind." The finest kind of friendship is 
between people who expect a great deal 
of each other but never ask it. Tim, Brian, 
Joe, Lou — the memories will live long. 
Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. 

Emma M. Dassori 
Movin right along in search of good times 
and good news with good friends you can't 
lose this could become a habit opportu- 
nity knocks once let's reach out and grab 
it together we'll nab it we'll hitch hike 
bus or yellow cab it Movin right along 
footloose and fancy free getting there is 
half the fun come share it with me Movin 
right along we'll learn to share the load 
we don't need a map to get this show on 
the road! Guess What? A WHOLE BIG 

James R. Davidson 
Thanks DD, JH, ES, EA, & special thanks 
to Larry & Angelle & especially my Fian- 
cee TINA PIKE, I couldn't have made it 
without all your help ALSO thanks to 
Gale & Walter for helping as much as 
you could. Remember live your life the 
way you want to not the way other peo- 
ple want you to. Have a good life I know 
I will. I LOVE YOU TEE! 

Jennifer Davies 
We all must confront the tragedies that 
may arise in life, but we must never lose 
sight of the daily joys for it is these which 
make up true happiness. Thanks for the 
memories — MB, AC, LW, MK, KC, MD, 
TW, LS. FIELD HOCKEY The best of 
times! Thanks Ms. Gordon. To Dad, Mom, 
Chris and Andrea — All my love and 

Michelle Margaret Davis 
"I get by with a little help from my 
friends." Green 4 Thurs., Scarlet W, Bel- 
va's glare, Chris the snake, NYC, PAL, 
SADD, CK/Bubba, my happy car, "You 
are evil and must be destroyed", festival, 
"the rink", dance in parking lots "Buat 
a move", man cards, "blatantly disre- 
spectful". Grease, Broadwai/ to Baghdad, 
Back to Broadway 1 + 2. Thanx to my 
friends who stuck by me through this hell 
they call high school (you know who you 
are!) Good luck, guys! 


David Dearth 
Dearth, C.M.F. 
Thank god freedom at last, I've had the 
best time here, the skips, the trips, and 
the friends. Jim, Tina, John, Larry, Brian, 
Angelle, Amy, Teresa, Pam, D + D, 
Kevin, Erik, Erik S., Liz, Mike, Emily, 
Scott, Tom, Mry J. Alot of thanks to M, 
D + B, Mr. J., of 1991, I wish you all 
the best of luck. 

Bryan J. Delgallo 
Skeeta standing there like he got some- 
thing, Stooges "90" Moe, Larry, Curly, 
Shemp, and half stooge Richa Chen. 
Quarries swim team 90-91: Mike B., Dov- 
er, Squatcha. Rolling in the bomber on a 
hot summer day. To everyone coming up 
remember that you must have a com- 
mitment to excellence. J.H., B.M., M.B., 
R.S., R.C., K.L., + D.D. Keep the stoog- 
es legacy alive. 

Jill Anne Delisie 
"I'm on my way, I'm taking my time but 
I don't know where." Thanx Cheryl, 
Chrissy, Wendy you guys are great, re- 
member: Pez — I can't stand it! Who 
flung poo? $20? What a bargain! Don't 
break the chain. The cowboy tax man. 
Why is the hall light on? Blue shorts. C.C. 
+ our strong lemonade. Zen driving + 
roundabouts Look Kids! Big Ben! STAY 
HERE! What's in your hand? To my very 
best friend, Thomas you're the best. 
Thanx for your L + L. 143 

Brian M. Delmonico 
To bring anything into your life; imagine 
that it is already there. Thanx Mike G. 
for being Best Budddd 12 yrs. Clapton 
'90, New Years Eve, Circle of Death, 
Wrath of Priscilla at SJH. NH Trip, K 
Dog. Ethan Easy Rock. Thanx Jen for a 
great year. Thanx Mom + Dad for being 

Susan Jennifer Dcmaggio 
Sue, Moofy 
Friends Some may pass and some may 
stay, but the memories are with you day 
after day. To the BLC: Jen, Boopa, Stu, 
Ann, Kris, Amy, and Fache, thank you 
for my memories. Hey Jen — What war? 
Why am 1 rocking? SNE Boopa — Does 
anyone have a harmonica? Stu — the 
wonder B's He He H. Ann. . .and before 
that. Kate — thanks for all the stories. 
Kris our BM attacks. Amy + Dave — 
Good Luck. Jon "In Your Eyes" — P.G. 
Thanks Mom and Dad I Love You! 

Billy D'Entremont 
Billy Boy 
Well, it's been the longest three years of 
my life. It's definitely been Hell, but I 
managed to survive. Special thanks to: 
B.H., M.N., E.B., CO., A.H, C Ya! 

Francis L. DeRubeis Jr. 
Racing around to have it come up behind 
you again, the sun is the same in a rel- 
ative way but you are older, shorter of 
breath, and one day closer to death, eve- 
ry year is getting shorter, never seem to 
find the time. Shmitty, Chuck "Swim- 
ming in the. . .", Camping '87, "Hold on 
I just. . .my pants!", Nagles house. V, 
Nightstalker make the millions, "I don't 
know", Nages u junior couch. Football 
#21, Lax #4, Chest Club. Thanx Mom, 
Dad, and Kell. 

Laila Marisa DiSilvio 
"Trust thyself!" Friends always, Seni Se- 
viyorum Tim P.S. Can we just discuss. . ., 
I'm a cow! Happy fingers on happy eyes, 
thanks Kimm. My dear sister never for- 
get me. I love you Banu. Mike your my 
inspiration. Thanks team you've always 
been there for me. Flying Island, Midng- 
ith Maxi Mission "Paris in April" How 
guy Turk — eye Yellow Hair. Become 
one with nature. 


Lynda Doody 
"Good friends wee have had, Good friends 
we have lost along the way." Always re- 
member: The Dead, Green Stuff, Can- 
ada, Kim's rock, chrissys, Buffalo bow, 
Heathers, Shake & bake & skiing. Thanks 
for being there for me Bob. Good friends: 
JT, JH, JS, CB, KM, TG, KH, The Toom- 
eys & Lucy!!! Good Luck Everybody! 
Thanks Mom & Dad. 

Meg Duggan 

Julie Erin Durgin 
"What lies behind us and what lies before 
us are small matters compared to what 
lies within us." Summer of '89, Beauzo 
(SHAKA-ZULU!) the $10 bike S.M.B. 
limo, Petty and P.L., the Dead Dr. Bret- 
tski! N.D.A. You were there for me — 
J.C, M.F., A.P., the S.S., Wit, C^ K.D., 
CD., J.E., A.H., K.K. and Kat S.B., B.V., 
V.W., M.B., what can I say? "I never 
really thought that it would come to this 
Sometimes the things you lose are often 
the things you miss". 

David Bruce Edson 
Dave, Pete 
"Fortune sides with him who dares." Vir- 
gil HHS Drama. Some good times. Jive 
will live on. The Blues, There's nothing 
like them. . .The Blues, There's nothing 
like it. . ., So many people to thank. So 
many names to remember. S.R.V. 1954- 
1990 — musical genius, E.G. the whole 
career — and many more. Humor is es- 
sential. Music, theatre, and animals, 
trombone, drums, and vocals. . .etc., 
Thanks M + D + B Peace 

Kevin Estano 
Happy are those who dream dreams and 
are ready to pay the price to make them 
come true. Thanks for the memories Tom 
B. Carolyn F. + Mike t. 

Carolyn Fahie 
Fahie, Carol 
Live today to the fullest because you don't 
know what tomorrow will bring. No, I 
won't kiss you. Oh Please! Call me crazy. 
Bruins K.R. S.C. Tom Petty. Thanks for 
the great memories K.R. S.C. J.M. M.A. 
TCBY, UMass 11th gr. Lax 11th. Mac. 
Thanks Mom, I love you! 

David Glynn Fahy 
Fache, Elwood 
"Carry on my wayward sun, there will 
be peace when you are done." Escape 
from Midlothian Don't know what you've 
got until it's gone. The B.L, Crew Good 
Friends, Good times. Dead shows A Ce- 
lestial ball! SKIING/MAINE DON'T 
Anne and Yaz, my two sisters. J.T. and 
Amy P^ nights. M.D. LIKR A BRO MULE 
AND THE RADS Thanks Mom, Dad, and 
Mrs. Saleh for your support. Amy, There's 
just "something about you." I Love You! 

Sonya Elizabeth Fairhurst 
"It is not the years but the challenges 
that make us grow." Mom, Dad, Moe. 
Thanx for all of your help this year. I 
love you all. Good Luck russ! D + D 
couldn't have made it without you. Good 
Luck F/F Fiona Jr/Sr prom. wowo. 
Quincy Bay. Dot Miss Ya. Party pool. 
T.D.J. '89. Cape Cod. Energy Outlet, 
Beach. To the friends I've made here, 
you all are the best. 



f ^ijH^^^^^H 










f ■* 






Michael Joseph Farina Jr. 
M.D., Donnie Lingus 
"So we cheated and we lied and wee 
trusted, and ewe never failed to fall, It 
was the easiest thing to do." The Dahli 
Llama, Foot brawl. Spare tire. Support- 
ing cast: D.F. (we need some block- 
age. . .), The Fab Five, The BLC, Them, 
B.V. (you know what I like!) S.B., Joe 
Ishcabibble, Smelly, Ribba, and every- 
one, good Luck Corey, Thanks Mom and 

Catherine Feretti 
The reward for a thing well done, is to 
have done it. France 90. Nice (parad- 
ruters) Quebec, Pressure!, N.H. Winna, 
buttbuster, waterskiing, manayls, outlet, 
L. nights woman! Nellie rap. Field Hock- 
ey Blues, billy J concert, Oh me so. . ., 
7up up. . ., belching. East, CJH, the ugly 
years, LB, Kc, CS, + KW We've shared 
the laughter and the pain and even shared 
the tears. I don't know what I'd do with- 
out you guys. Never change, wait what? 
thanks M + D CARPE DIEM! 

Debra Ann Fillmore 
Deb, Debbie 
It doesn't really matter how other people 
see you, what matters is how you see 
yourself. These are the best of times: 
Summer '89, "Young Ins", Streetlights 
are on, Absolute. . .joy, "If you can't love 
the one you want, love the one your 
with.", Thanks MB, CK, SF, MR, PH, 
DD, JD, JH, OK, EA, Sub Galley Crew, 
Diane, Michael, Mom, and Dad. I love 
you guys. Good Luck Class of 1991. 

Diane Fillmore 
Princess di 
I finally made it! Thanks Mom and Dad 
for being there. I love u both. Thanx Deb, 
Pam, Laurie, Judy, Amy, Moira, Mel, 
Chris, Smitty, Steven, Moe, Carolyn, 
Sonya, and the Sub Galley Crew, Thanks 
also to SR, JH, and to the Jones family, 
special thanx to my boyfriend David, 
you've inspired me to be the best, you 
mean the world to me, I love you with 
all of my heart 

Luis A. Fleites 
What we anticipate seldom occurs; What 
is least expected generally happens. H.T. 
B. What dreams are made of. Remember 
"the good times": Sandy Beach, slow 
golfer, U Turn, She's beautiful. ..,123 
4. . ., what if?, raccoon, Joe's Stop the 
car, TKD, soccer, I'm so weird. Hammer 
time. Coconut shavings, J.G. see ya in 

Bridget Anne Flynn 
Flynnrd, Bid, Panda 
"Where you place your time, you place 
your life. Where you place your life, you 
place your love." Thanks Mom and Dad 
for all your love and support, I couldn't 
hve madeit without you! R, N, + T — 
Don't forget the dinners!! M.H. — Calm 
your hormones! Love y! P.M. — Thanks 
for all of your support. T.M. — You're 
a geek, but I love ya! C.L. and J.S. — 
Trailblazin', See Dick and Jane. . ., HI 
GIRLS!!, the lake, NHD, Haalloo!, 
etc. . .Thanks everyone for your support! 

Melissa Foley 
"Offer up your best defense, this is the 
end, the end of the innocence." (D.H.) 
Thanx KH, SG, MH, MG, TW, CB, SC. 
We are the W.B.A. K.M. Don't hit those 
curbs. Meg is your house for sale? "It's 
The Girls Night Out" remember New 
Years 90', Arbor Inn. Thanx Mom and 
Dad, Luv ya! I can't believe I made it! 

Michael Ford 


Janesc Lynette Free 
"If you can Imagine it, you can achieve 
it. If you can dream it, you can become 
it." To my friends: I love you all. Thanks 
for the fun times, good laughs, and mem- 
ories like these. I'll never forget: Paris, 
Weavah, Jr. Prom, girl next door, Benin, 
BB, Skuba, N2, XMAS '90, SM, 82, Ra, 
Cecilia, Snowballs, "A tree?", "JALBD", 
Ice team, Foreman, CU, Mom and Dad 
ILY always. MLK — "I have a dream" 

Michelle Friedland 
Those of you who know me will be very 
glad to hear this is the last "stupid poem" 
I will force upon your ear. We're finally 
off to college. They say that it's a killer. 
Still I doubt it could be worse than Doo 
Dah's, trig, and Spillcr. Now as I pen my 
last farewell, I leave you with this quip: 
To grow up is bad. To grow down is worse. 
All my best. Love, Skip. 

Megan Galvln 
T.W. Thanks for being there all the time. 
CB, SC, SG, KH, MH, + TW - The 
W.B.A. New Year's A.I., Luggage Crew, 
BW's playground, 5-0 June 16, 1988 Miss 
You! LS still hunting for wabbits. Oh Geez, 
more hair down the drain. Florida '89 not 
strong and I'll be your friend, "I'll help 
you carry on." Everybody has a point in 
life — to party and have fun! 

David J. Gardner 
Senior year "The best time of your life" 
What? Aim towards your idea of success. 
Success is in the eye of the beholder, 
individuality. Work hard now reap ben- 
efits later. The sun will always rise. 
Friends are everything. No one has to be 
alone. Beware — evil is ubiquitous. Do 
what you want to do. Self confidence Key 
to success. Life is a gift. . .don't waste it. 
Hellish rocrastination. Fluff cheerberries, 
'89. Time races on. . . 

Mark Christopher Gaulrapp 
Squirrel, Darryl Strawberry 
"Nobody tells me what to do, not even 
me!" — Andrew Dice Clay. Untouchable 
for the so called Law. Suicidal 9/9/90 
POWER HOUR. Ice cub. P.E. Geto Boys 
ATL, Playing them oldies, sit back and 
pour some beer for my Homies. Mh, BM, 
GP, RS, CM, JB, EG, GG. Cornfields '88, 
'89, '90, '91. "If you don't like how I'm 
living, we'll. . .you." Ice Cube. 

Melanie Gay 
"Believe in yourself and you will suc- 
ceed." Airplane, coozie crew, TO, BA, 
BL, SD, MD — Thanks! Florida, MV, VA 
Beach, (BFF), Patience, Bakers, tatoos, 
night before, crazy kids, dancing flower, 
"I wanna be rich", Thanks BH, TA, Ed- 
die, CN, and KB. FF "You have to give 
a little to get a little" I love you Mom, 
Dad, and the rest of the bunch. Thanks 
Wayne, Adam, Kev, and Mark. Good luck 
class of 1991. 

Everard Augustus Genius 
Big Daddy, $WEET$, Ev 
"Now ask yourself, who's the Mack?" 
First of all 1 would like to give thanks to 
the Good Lord above. And also give 
thanks to my mother. Mommy and Dad- 
dy Kelley (I love you very much) and to 
Mommy and Daddy Spence. Then comes 
my Lynch Mob Posse peace Metco Bus. 
And now peace to my Homeboys TB, JK, 
Mike Farina, MV, Mike B, Dave F, Sean 
H, Mark G, Greg M, Joe B, and all my 
other boys in Hingham that I left out. 



Joelle Georges 


Tricia Gervasi 
JG It's finally over isn't it? "But Mr. Gar- 
land". AS thanx you for lending your ear. 
TA How about another round? ding! LD 
Glad things are back the way they were. 
Vick "no more corn for me." SH JOY?! 
DRLYA "because I says so!" 1 appreci- 
ate you dad for everything you've done 
for mc. 

Joseph P. Gilbert 
Joe, Josef, Ninja, Kato 
Today is a reality, tomorrow is a promise 
and yesterday was history. The person 
who thinks about doing something is usu- 
ally passed by someone doing it. Stud 
Boy Call Tour '89/Sandy Beach, Slow 
Golfer, Anything going on tonight?, TKD, 
MGD, VC. Thanks Mom and Dad, The 
Gilbert Family, LF, JD, TH, CM, T, SF, 
BW, PL, SD, and everyone else I con- 
sider a friend. It's Hammer Time!!! 

Patricia K. Gilbert 
Patty, Gilly 
"A little rebellion now and then is a good 
thing." — Jefferson. Memories: U2^ 87/ 
kr, Washington 88/89, Montreal 90, His- 
tory Day 90. People: GB NO/Masc, The 
"Saxman", The "Scum", My BF Missay, 
Dr. Cappers, and my Family. 

Jennifer Ann Gillen 
We finally made it! Thanks Mom, Dad, 
John, and Liz for getting me through this. 
Good Luck Jen, Joy, and Nicole. We had 
some great times. Best of Luck Class of 

Stephanie Ann Godfrey 
"The more I know the less I understand, 
all the things I thought I figured out, I 
have to learn again." The WBA KH MF 
MG MH TW CB SC. Lean on me. 
BWYFM at CSN. Aruba 90, New Years 
Luggaged at the Arbor Inn. LS Friend- 
ships come and go, but the memories last 
a lifetime. Best of Luck to AS, CT, JT. 
"These are the days to hold onto, cause 
we won't although we'll want to." — Bil- 
ly Joel 

Mark Lawrence Goldberg 
If success is your destination. Your jour- 
ney will be the ultimate reward. 

Andrew Grosso 

Peter Jordan Guerrant 
Happiness is standing on an infinitely large 
mountain facing the most challenging ter- 
rain ever imagined by man or created by 
God gladed, green, 75 pitches and the 
silkiest, fluffiest white powder under the 
azure blue skies of the purest heavens 
and brightest suns. To seek out and ac- 
cept challenges is to live. To you who 
aided and befriended me through my ad- 
ventures, I will see you on my mountain. 
Semper Fi.***** 


Christine Miciielle Hadayia 
The difference between a picture and a 
painting is that a picture is a frozen cap- 
tured moment in true life, whereas a 
painting can be anything imagined in your 
mind. Someday all these paintings will 
become pictures. — T.P. Thanks to eve- 
ryone, you all know who you are, for eve- 
rything, all the help, the love, and the 
understanding. Good Luck! 

Lynn M. Haddad 
"When the light is green you go. When 
the light is red you stop. But what do you 
do when the light turns blue with orange 
and lavender spots?" — S.S. SM — PP! 
Ftoom! Obby. MS — 4th, LD, MN — 
GASFACE! It's Bacon! Wiseguy. Love U 
4ever. MP — Personal Problems? ME — 
Low G. CH — Sorry about the picket 
fence and BBQ! BC — . . .on a floor! My 
hero! Brownies. AC — Are you bored? 

Deniston Haff 
Denny, Santa, Rock 
"All and all you are all just bricks in the 
wall" Insip, P, CB, PS, U. of M, "If the 
sun refused to shine, I will still be loving 
you, when mountains crumble to the sea, 
there will still be you and me," T & C, 
Vins, Cerv, Left Lane! "Go ride the ban- 
ister" "Been a long time since I've rock 
and rolled". Pink Floyd, "How I wish. 
How I wish you were here". Fireplace, 
JK, MP, JW, JA and CH 12-22-89 

Pamela Ayers Hall 
Pam, Bam, Ethal 
Am I dreaming or is it really over? Sue, 
Dave C, Diane, Maureen, Deb F., Son- 
ya, Carolyn, Amy, Paula H., Teresa, Liz, 
John H., Dave D., Scott R., Eric A., Bob, 
Kevin, Mary C, Naomi, I love you guys. 
Thanx Mom and Dad. Good Luck Dan- 
ielle. Thanks Peter for being there for 
me, I Love You. 

Douglas B. Harris 


"Patience is the companion of wisdom." 

Greg Harris 
"Let Your Life Proceed By Its Own De- 
sign." "Maine Don't Have No Mercy." 
— DF, TC, TW. Springers Ballroom 1- 
16-70 "Pig Pen." Blues + Bluegrass = 
Grateful Dead = Jehovah's Favorite 
Choir. REYLLY!!! our band - CM, TC, 
LM. Turn On Your Love Light. . .And 
Leave It On!!! 

Karen Elizabeth Hatfield 
I know nothing stays the same but if yu're 
willing to play the game it's coming around 
again. SG MF TW MG MH CB — We 
are the WBA. Lean on me. BWYFM CSN 
"90" ANBA "90" How do you know 
when it's love, I don't know it's just some- 
thing that lasts forever. Marc 10/24/89 
LD KB IM BK KM KJ SH It always seems 
darkest right before the moment you 

Amy Hawkins 
"It's not time to make a change, just re- 
lax and take it slowly you're still young, 
that's your fault, there's so much you 
have to go through" - - Cat Stephens 
"These are the times to remember, cause 
they will not last forever. These are the 
days to hold onto 'cause we don't al- 
though we'll want to' — Billy Joel 'Fol- 
low every rainbow 'til you find your 
dream." — Oscar and Hammerstein 


Scan Hayes 

Hayzcc, Rico 
"There are no unbeaten paiths to glory's 
heights, for rugged is the road to the re- 
nowned, nor may he hope to join the 
envied crown, until he has thrust the 
looming rock aside!" Hingham Football 
Dave, Bri, Garrett, Jonny A. The Rico 
Posse YEAH BOY! Boopa's Bash '90 J.B. 
K.W. K.B. and other sailors. Oh the 
Carne-lay! H.H.S. Hockey #1. "Can you 
please open your trunk?" YEAH, see ya 
next summer! 

Wendy-Lynne Herman 
"Never go for the silver or bronze when 
the gold is still in your reach." (Physical 
Therapy) Thanks to all my good friends 
and Mom, Dad & Rich for being there 
when I needed you. Good Luck Bri! I love 
you all !!! 

Julee Ann Holcombc 
Jules, Honeycomb 
"And Now The Moment Is All That It 
Meant" Sugar Hill Gang — Thanx! SQ 
— "UR So Insensitive" — CB — NO 
STOPS! LUV talking overtime CJS, tick- 
lefights, DO — Arbless Summer Nights, 
HJ — Plunging Port "0" Potty, In re- 
verse to V. Morrison & I like my wine 
wet! AJ Burrito — What Highway Cone? 
Midnight stakeout, Little feat, Mudsplash 
"90" _ Thanx 4 being there L & B, M 
& D 1 LUV U! 

Kara Elizabeth Holleran 
Karaboo, Boo 
"Time it was and what a time it was. . .a 
time of innocence, a time of confid- 
ances." S & G Where's Howard John- 
son's? It's a deal! I'm fine! What hap- 
pened to the party? Eileen's anyone? 
Summer of 90 Sandy Island? Chocolate 
croissants. To my friends, thanks for all 
the good tims and the memories that will 
last forever. I love you guys. Love you. 
Mom & Dad. Goodluck Dan & Brendan. 
4 is better than 3 Sil. It's baout time, 

Zoe Hollywood 

Brodie Holmen 
3 long years!! I made it, I thought I never 
would. I'd like to thank my friends B.D., 
M.S., O.L., M.N., S.B., M.A., J.M., B.N., 
B.B., for making my first years here a 
little bit easier. Well it's been real, glad 
I'm gone!! 

Bonnie Beth Howe 
The Original Sugar Hill Gang. . .Thanks 
guys! THUD — Chrissy again! Mel — 
TATOO, illegal driving, destiny. Cackle! 
Partying w/Dennis Jr. Yr. Luv ya all: 
H.K., C.B., H.K., B.A., J.T., M.G., J.K., 
J.N., S.C, J.S., J.H. Heidi — best friends 
forever. Thank You for everything!. . .! 

Brett M. Hughes 
"So many faces in and out of my life, 
some will last, some will just be now and 
then. Life is a series of hellos and good- 
byes, I'm afraid it's time for goodbye 
again." Fab Five, Bud Crew, everyone 
else thanks for the memories. Bozo let's 
have a porch on the — . "Fun" at Union 
Sam (Carol) The bushes. Where's the Fox 
Dorm? Popcorn bowl. "I'm going to M's 

apartment and I don't give a Beth 

— HELLO. What are you doing, think- 
ing? Late night convos, "Do you wanna 
go?" Thanks for everything, no regrets. 


Timothy J. Hughes/ Hughzi 
"A lifetime of memories, not a minute of 
regrets." My love and thanks to all who 
made it possible — Stump, Joe, Loo, 
BW, CM, KC, CS, MC, and all who cared. 
I won't ever forget: Stud Boyz, Free Gold, 
Sandy Beach, Golden Roosta, BFF, "Stop 
the Car", LAX — States '90 & all those 
good times. Mom, thanks for all the un- 
derrstanding & support, I love you,. Dad, 
thanks for teaching me what courage is, 
and what life is really for. I'll always love 
you. Hey, it's a dog-eat-dog world, so pas 
me a milk bone. . .It's Hammer Time! 89 

Robert Hunt 

Michelle Hutchins 
"We did the best we could, all of us. It 
was better than doing nothing." Thanks 
Yes Bambi is Pepa BWYFM. "Lean on 
me" BW Playground. Luggaged Absolut 
Oranges at As House. AH JS Campu. 
"Gasping at glimpses of gentle true spirit, 
he runs wishing he could fly, only to trip 
at the sound of goodbye." 

Laura J.E. lorio 
Gooffy, Oreo, Lo 
I always seemed to take the road less 
traveled by Why? Strawbcrys USSR UK- 
NED GERM VOLLAX I everythelse pos- 
sible. SHNAP! Hocky college trips US- 
NAT Brampton Stephie tcyrselvs BUD- 
DY. IF Macha my litrtwng TH thx For 
being T Im sory! Theres always tomorrow 
MC. . .Thnx MOM. DAD and res of the 
cause that was the road for me! — LI 

Brian Jan 

Kristen Marie Jenkins 
Thank you and good luck to all the spe- 
cial people in my life. Tory, you're the 
best, I'll never forget you of all the good 
times. Thanks for always being there. We 
made it. Thanks to S.S. for everything. 
Keep in touch Scoot. Special thanks to 
TA, KH, MG, SS, LO, TG, SG, MN, MD, 
BB, MF, JH, JC, PM, KM, MH for being 
so supportive. Charles never change, 
barry thanks for putting up with me. Amy 
I love you. Mom all my love I owe it all 
to you. 

Stephanie Jordan 
"I find we are growing serious and then 
e arc in great danger of being dull." (Wil- 
liam Congreve: Old Bachelor) GBNO — 
MASC. "Let's have one other gaudy 
night." (Shakespeare: nthony and Cleo- 
patra) Julie — "Heroism is endurance 
for one moment more." (George Kennan) 
Joostice. Model on Location. INDIIIEE! 
MOOT POINT Thanks Mom and Dad. I 
love you. Carpe Diem. 

Robert Krle 

Rico, Rippa 
"Goodbye to all my Friends at home. 
Goodbye to the people I've trusted, I got- 
ta go out and make my own way, I might 
get rich, you know I might get busted." 
— Steve Miller. Hingham LAX Cape Cod 
'90. . .Eric Clapton — Thanx "T". Boo- 
pa's Birthday bash — "We've fallen and 
we can't get up" Cannon — Nice cheese- 
burger, but my pile or rice is bigger. 
Brennan, Hayze, Karle = The Rico Pos- 
se — yea boy!! Ya, I drive a vette. Hi 
Buddy! Helene & Hal, thanks for eve- 
rything — Love Ya. Canada bound! 


Jennifer Joy Kearney 
Jen, Jenny K., Kearndog 
Last night I dreamt I was in beige slacks 
eating salso, chinesefood & iiohos I jogged 
down exit 44 only to find a concert EX- 
TRAVAGANZA in sort of a cornfield/ 
harbor type setting Many people were 
scoopin ice cream chopin brocolah & be- 
ing cooky nutty Yonder I saw people on 
a sugar hill baking apple dumpllns I ac- 
cidentally spilled them 2 remained but 
the burn I got woke. . .So shnookylumps, 
why am I the only one who has that 

Carolyn Keaveney 

CK, Lynne, Cooc 
Mom, Mo, J, JMKDPK Thanx for your 
help and support. . .Sonya — Sonny, Moe 
— my friend I don't know how to tell 
you 2 thanx for always being there for 
me Remember CC journey, slow children 
blind drive Moe (5/18 — 6/2) "Why?" 
"I don't care." talks, problems, our 
lives. . .D.F.^ thanxs for all the memories 
Pam how's the driving? M.E. we've had 
our problems. Don't eer think I've for- 
gotten you. Dad I luv u and miss you (11- 
10-81) Good Luck Class of '91 

Elizabeth B. Kelley 
"A true friend is forever a friend." Me- 
moris Colorado, California, Ski Trips, 
doritos, CCL 88 & 89, Family Circle, 
Laundry Matt, GC 11, days off, 5/20/ 
89, B.C. High Prom '90, Where do you 
live?, MS — What Luck, Maine, volley, 
skipping W & S, phone bills, only 6 yrs?, 
Darren you can wear your patches again. 
Kevin thanks for having faith, I couldn't 
have made it w/o you! Family thanks for 
putting up with me, I owe you guys eve- 
rything! MOM — WE MADE IT!!! 

Joshua Kelly 

Smelly, Kelz 
"It is unfortunate that God could not cre- 
ate us all equal and for that I send my 
regrets." All the Ha Ha's at Booma's 
"sessions" "dirty" "that's questionable" 
"show me your Johnson" "Talkin. . ." 
"Stoksies #14" "don's push it" "tigh- 
ties" "the Yota" "word" "shlong" 
"A.C.C.W." Clapton '90 8/10/90 5/27/ 
90 6/20/90 6/26/90 B.D., M.F., D.A., 
Booma, Skin, Ribba, A.M.C. (B.F.F.) 


Melissa Marie Keohan 
Tears and Laughter are for the day, but 
Knowledge and Friendships are forever 
. . . Soccer, b-ball. Lax — Thanks coach- 
es!. . .Ireland '89 . . . Bakeries . . . Beach 
rules . . . Don't you know?. . .MASC . . . 
GBNO . . . Grease . . . Thanks for being 
there — friends forever. . .Patty, JD, MD, 
LW, KC, AC, KC, KW, CM, MO. . .Good 
Luck Class of '91!! Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Cristin and Kevin — I Love You! 

Paul Ketchum 
"Leaves are falling all around, time I was 
on my way; thanks to you, I'm much 
obliged, such a pleasant stay; but now 
it's time for me to go. The autumn moon 
lights my way. . .but I know I've got one 
thing I've got to do. Ramble On. — Led 
Zeppelin "Ramble On" 

James Kidston 
Death and life are everywhere always, 
and they begin, end, strive, attend, into 
and upon the dream of the nameless that 
is the world, burning words that are sam- 
sara, perhaps to create a thing of beauty. 

- SPEAK THE WORD - Sophistry and 
Atheism (pass the cooler); MINDCRIME 

— Creatures of light and darkness dane 
on the guillotine's lip. — PSYCHE! Dirk! 
+ Penny, Zelazny + Covenant. — NO! 
That takes two segments. — Time Pass- 
es. . .but Shadows Linger. 

Michael Bradford Kilborn 
"Movin' right along in search of good times 
and good news, with good friends you 
can't lose this could become a hatib. Op- 
portunity knocks once so let's reach out 
and grab it. — Kermit the Frog billy Joel/ 
HHS DC/AFS/NYC Trips/Spectrum/ 
Hey, Yap, Mama/Festival/AS Rio. UH 
— UO, the pasword is. . .Big studio 
apartment in NY with a grand piano. To 
all those who made it worth it. . .here's 
to the future. Peace — Mike 


Robert Kisiel 
"There isn't enough time in life to wait 
around for something to happen — If you 
want to be successful you must make it 
happen. You can achieve anything." 
Harbormen Football M.C., S.H., M.F., 
D.C., D.S., M.F., F.D., Kelz - Thanks 
buddy. Lauren, Bary, Ann, Josh, I'll nev- 
er forget you guys. Mom and Dad, Thank 

Heidi Ann Kutsch 
Hideo, Maatha 
CSN: didn't we do? DO — U shut up 
Maatha/J.H. pp tipping JK — What? 
Ode to Chinese food AS — Sdippin CB 
H-Twins How rude JC to throw SC — 
BB^ — JS /Van/Little Feat — How 
many? BH many memories St. Barts 90 
(Hairy French men Flamer & Mario) 
Thanks (BFF) HC — perfect man/DM, 
BA, EG, /Drinkin' Beers poke your eyes 
out! Thanx Mom & Dad I luv u/Meet me 
on the sugar hill. 

Julie Ann Lamb 

Jules, Lambert 
"Now I'e been smiling lately thinking 
about the things to come and I believe it 
could be something good has begun" CS 
Chrissy — Fishburgers and Onion Rings! 
Maine '89, '90 Memorial Badmitton rules! 
Beware of sugar!! Peggy — Happy Hap- 
py Happy! Toad and the Custom Crusier 
what a pair! Chill you must chill! To eve- 
ryone ele — Hey it's summer! I love you 

Keenan Robert Langlois Esq. 

Beener, Keen-dog, Pizza man 
"In life I have but one simple desire; To 
tear down the sky. . ." — Rossi. M.V., 
S.U., Hingham, Za, Cape '89 Clapton 
'90, Wait. . .Somebody hit me in the arsh! 
Fred Cruisin' in the chief with T.C.m Cos- 
saks, IBOC, Sleddog, Slolleyball, Circle 
of Death, Wendy, Mr. K., Pegs, Braza, 
I dream. Sue C, K.K. Obknockercious! 
Ski Utah. . . 

Helen Marilyn LaPlante 
Lynne, Lynnie 
"Annie laid her head down by the roses" 
The Dead. Pocaset, QM, guitar, MB, KK, 
CB, E Aimr + Shanne Mo "Beautiful 
+ rich is an old friendship" Thanx Mum 
(U're the best) Daddy, Gr and U Ray. 
"Far better it is to dare might things win 
glorious triumphs though checker by de- 
feat than to rank amongst those poor souls 
who neither suffer much nor enjoy much. 
3/22/90 Sugar Magnolia, Dave, "Love 
is the silver link that bonds heart + mind 
in body soul" "What a long strange trip 
its been." 

Christine Anna Leahy 
"When you are old and gray and full of 
sleep/And nodding by the fire, take down 
this b And slowly read, and dream of the 
soft look/Your eyes had once, and of their 
shadows de A.B. B.F. J.S. Dee — BIRD 
Weavah Kim (BERR-ly) Joe Dayy, Alei- 
son: Summer '83 a.c. & mothfl Pem- 
broke story interview Cuh! "Like hi, 
O.K.?" macattacka 393170LR Friend- 
ly's etc. Trai "Angel" "Hi girls!" Jenn 
— backyard f .ball game Toad Rap 3 For 
the road "So I woosh it!" Kitchen Sink 
Kim — Scratch, claw? Softball '89-'91 
Cooperstown. GO SOX. 

Oliver Leek 
Matt S., Dave B., Tim W., Tom G., Alex 
L., Collin C. (long guy), L.C.T. and fam- 
ily. Summer 90, Doobers, Driving to the 
Cape, Caps Summer party V4 barrel. End 
of summer close- out ms cc tw Pack The 
Carrot, Funnel team % inch, speeds on 
highway. Day trip to NH AL CC 1 ski 
attempts Weave — jobs. Drive to New 
York, Dave at UNH, Light- em-up, Matt's 
and my work, Had enough bad Boo-Clap- 
ton. Thanks M + D, little sis, Big Bro, I 
told you I'd make it. Thanks for the sup- 

Nicole Lehanc 
"We're all funny, intelligent, caring and 
beautiful people, it just takes the right 
friends to bring it out." To my closest 
friends: thanks, you're the best! WH, CC, 
CB, JM, JMC, JC, JT< JG, NOD. Al- 
ways remember: Texmex, cadbury eggs, 
jellyfish, Canada-Hanz + Franz, Kcrmlt, 
Jodster, Sleepless, take a memo, The 
chicken had flown, Buca+ BC, T-shirt 
swim, Chrisss, dancing cello, BC party 
BAG, who u kiddin?, big rocks, sally, hu 
sle thisk HAYnous, Cure, JBJ, cheer 
leading DM, LC, DM — Do the flip thing 
Softball — get a longer bat, funny stuff, 
Lenihan, sure hey!!! Thanks for every 
thing mom and dad. 


Heather Madigan 
The sky is the limit now! 

Julie Ann Mahoney 
Julie, Jules 
Good Friends, Good Times, Good Bye 
and Good Luck! King! DO/PS see you 
at the Harbor. 9th Grade Wash. D.C. 
KR, CF, JM. Poleace Poleace guys. HK 
Gee thanks! Track ! Kick the yellow hur- 
dle things. Jules firesale. A.C. 3 for 1- 

Joshua Aron Marcus 
Midnight mission madness! where will we 
strike next? Waterville? MacBeth smok- 
ing not? Newyears latex hunt? Onion 
farming? Half naked in the rain? The tire? 
Full Moon by the Lake? D & D 

Pamela Leigh Martin 
"Focus your heart on being generous and 
giving, the rest will follow." Thank you 
M + D for all the support you gave me 
oeer the last 18 yrs. 1 love you. Jen work? 
NB end BC — sleep? What's that? 1 1 :30 
car ride. . .Walks at 3:00 a.m. will never 
be forgotten. JC "Fuff!" The Gang — 
Pammy Whsmmy. BC b-ball, playdough 
and acting what else do we need? NB 
you are always there for me. 1 love you. 
BF friend forever! I love you guys. Class 
of '91 — Good luck! 

Timothy Martin 
"To live your life In your own way. . .To 
love and to be loved. . .To be the you 
that you want to be. . .That is success." 
"I don't know", Jenn — Thanx for being 
there, Laila — memories last forever. 
WatervlUe/Hammerheads, Harvard/ 
Store 24, New Years/the dare/parties 
etc. . .The tape, pool, arrogent, Mt. 
Snow/Sting, The hat. In Too Deep, "I'm 
not LAZY!" Blue Bomber — ski racks 

— tickets. Remember: JSLD JT JC JML 

IMAM FJJ. . . 

Sarah F. Maynard 
"If you can imagine it, you can achieve 
it. If you can dream it, you can become 
it." To all my family — thanx for loving 
me no matter what. Brian, where would 
I be without you? I'll always love you. 
SM, MN, CH, LH. Thanx for being there. 
Ouch! Can't touch this PP. CH + men 
$1.69 Get a life KP assieds — toi sur 
LDN Dancln' KM BeFri DP TM LD AS 
Friendship lasta a lifetime. Luv ya noodle 
Peanut butter Gymnastics Stand up 

Christian Thor Matson 
"They say I'm crazy but I have a good 
time, life's been good so far" I wish I 
could remember my junior year. MS made 
me laugh. Jake! Jake! Silly, torturous 
games. Sorry Officer Dulaurene. We'll 
make a day out of it! X-checkIng at 
Chlsms. Thanks RC for making it a great 
3 years. Good luck at BC. Thanks to my 
family. Allman Bros. TC LM GH. 

Karin Anne McCann 
BL Crew — Thanks for the memoris — 
Jen, Stu, Sal, Moofy, Dig, and Amy. (The 
Sullivans) Times to remember — The 
Dead 10/3/87, SUDS, Summer '90, soc- 
cer, Anne's house — good tims! My sur- 
prise party! Anne — Cape trip. Friends 
4-eva. Fache + Luke. (Con- stan-leee!) 
yainni + the gang. To my family — 
Thanks I love yu all, esp. Mom + Dad, 
Barb too. BF forever, AS + JM. 


Moira McCarthy-Egan 
Mo, Moesky, Mourg 
They say these are the best years of our 
lives — who are they kidding? "Don't 
you know that you are a shooting star?" 
The beach workcamp North Carolina BK 
camp Wolleston Pididdle Watch out for 
bikers!! I'm cold and I don't know what 
time it is! Wanna run into Southie? Thanks 
to my friends — I love you all! Dad Peep 
and Meg — "You bring meaning to my 
life, you're my inspiration." Mom — 
"You're everything I wish I could be!" 
Thanks — I LOVE YOU!! 

Ian McDonald 

Kimberly A. McDonald 


"Live and Let Live" MF Hole in the Wall 

I'm gona hit Rock — Stoughton Mg IHMF 

— Party? Mr. Attitude Sorry Chris 
Leave? MGT I Moved To Hingham? Park 
MGTVMF I wanna 'Rich What Island? 
Thumpa — KH U Look Colorful — CF 
get the Book - NZ MWMK TRCM - 
LH New Years 90 J's House Walk? - 
Eddies Diner — Missu Joe — Thanx Mom 
Dad + Kerri! I I Y's 

John McElroy 
"It's been the best of times, it's been the 
worst of times." GET lost you granola. 
DAVE I think we woke the Taz again. 
Love, if you don't stop your going to go 
blind! Did the lights go out? Tierney — 
Thanks buddy. Tara 2V'2 years. I'll al- 
ways be there. Meg — I'll always love 
you. Thank you for always being there 
for me. Vinyard '89, Montreal, Ireland, 
Cancun! Love you Mom and family. 

Jennifer McGeoghegan 
Jen, Gayga 
"Good-bye to all my friends at home. 
Good-bye to the people I've trusted. I've 
got to go out and make my way. I might 
get rich + I might get busted." B-light 
crew KM SD AS AP KS MS of course 
DF best times Summcr'90 Who's turn to 
drive? Mike — thanks for listening. 
Thanks for your support Mom + Dad I 
love yu "The longest journey begins with 
the first step." College. 

Timothy McHardy 
I want to say"good luck" to all my friends; 
I hope yo succeed in the future with what- 
ever you decide to do. I also want to 
thank all my friends for being around 
when I needed you. A special thanks goes 
to Scott Gordon who has been my bst 
friend for many years. I hope eeryone 
has a great time in the future and I hope 
to see around. 

Jennifer McKenzie 

Jason Andrew McKeough 
All in all Hingham High has not been that 
bad. . .PASTA Feast, Summes at the 
Harbor, Oh please, see you later. . .Ago, 
Coop, Matti, M.D., Fahy, Anastos, Bozo, 
Swany, Jen, Stu, Sue, Watson, Beatle, 
Web. . .GO UCONN. . . 


Liz McMillan 
Lizzy, S.N. 
Many dreams come true, some have sil- 
ver lines, I live for my dreams and a pock- 
et full of gold! Thanx for the rides P.H. 
and D.D. I love you C.B. Never give up! 

Patrick Murray 

Gregg R. McPherson 
Thanks to Connie, Mary, the black sheet, 
the dancing elephants, and Matt's car, 
with your help I found the way to the 
center of my mind. Dead '90, Loon '85 
to '88,, the battle, The Bat Cave. The 
cornfields what a trip. "I go to parties 
sometimes until 4:00. It's hard to leave 
when you can't find the door." Thanks 
for everything S.S. Thanks for the sup- 
port Mom & Dad. ILU. 

Shannon M. Mortland 
You may not choose to follow my light 
but if I have a light I should offer it to 
you. Remember the cornfields, the Cape, 
Brah Rah Rahy wonderful tonight, gum 
on the locker, gymnastics. Lynne "1 know 
not whether our names will be immortal, 
I am sure our friendship will." Hang in 
there MB, AH, LL, EC, SM, MM. To my 
family I don't know where I'd be now 
without you. Sarah thanks for listening. 
Welcome to the best of all possible worlds. 

Corinna Mundhenk 
"The best thing you've ever done for me 
is to help me take my life less seriusly, 
its's only life after all." — Indigo Girls. 
Thanks a lot High Bum, Cool Guy, CaCa, 
Schprockets. The bridge, pig parts, Tim's 
house, G.D. "I'm fine!", The freshman, 
the swings, Phil's house, Sandy Beach, 
Lambada, American Pie, Nice '90, pea- 
nut butter, paratroopers and the cafe, 
LAX, fatty bum-bum, MacToonight, soc- 
cer, UNC Camp '89, Boofy, Donkeys, 
NOT. Oops, I forgot. 

Danielle Myatt 
Kim & Kerrin — Friendship forever! IM, 
BA, MO, JC, JS thanks for all the good 
times! Jon — so many great memories 
6/8/90, the treasure, Boston, the beach. 
Skiing 89-90 Kim lookout for the tunnel! 
Son of a buckle. N.H. the leech, the wa- 
tersnake, the dudes, Naah! DON'T LET 
'90. Nice — Parachuters, Migomy, Kim 
is it, April Fools Day? Laugh! We're not 
homesick! Tennis I.C. Open. Ian, who 
won? Kingpin. Bachelor — my twin. 
Thanx Dad, Mom & Cherie! 

Marc Nantel 
Age doesn't matter unless you're cheese. 
Watch out for those S-boots Sal. It's ba- 
con, I'm cheez, HAR-wood. The Gentle- 
man and the God Fellas continue. 

Diane Marie Needham 
Although I may reach my highest goals, 
without friends to share my happiness I 
have not succeeded at all. May the mem- 
ories never end! Thanks Mom + Dad, 
J.J.C. "There is nothing stronger in this 
world than gentleness." 


Lan-Dinh Ngo 
Dinh, Dinian, Ngobo, L-D 
In tragedy and despair, when an endless 
night seems to have fallen, draw strength 
in the realization that the companion of 
night is not another night but rather it is 
day, that darkness always gives way to 
light, and that death rules only half of 
creation, life the other half. Faes — 
WMD, Fort Dix, JJE, sweet!, SEE ya! 
Dare! HAVE Anutha! To the best friends 
God ever created — I Love You. 

Colleen Elizabeth Norton 
"To laugh often and love much; to win 
the respect of persons and the affection 
of children. . .to know that even one life 
has breathed easier because you have 
lived — this is to have succeeded." 

— Ralph W. Emerson 

Christine Marie O'Brien 
Recall it as often as you wish, a happy 
memory never wears out. Thanks ever- 
yon esp. J.D., C.C, J.L., K.V., V.H. bud- 
dies forever! Saltines, Ice-tea, and Jim- 
mies anyone? Need a date. . .Domino's 
delivers. The fishburger and onionring di- 
et, Oh my God you're pos- 
sessed!. . .Don't break the chain! Wasn't 
the hall light on? Beware of strange men 
following you! Always wear socks when 
bowling! AFS, French Club, Volunteer 
Club, Drama Club, Cheerleading. 

Destiny O'Brien 
Destany, Destola, Granola, Peck 
Hartford 90 TM/Bruised lip RA/Little 
Feat my underwear broke/CB THUD, 
beige slacks/JC Shh take those banan- 
as/HC hippo "moo"/SC RTLT, lights on 
trees, el smell, eyeballs open/BH — 
Mingo/ JH no arb, stradding your bed/ 
HK sdip 4 AM rain, 3 in bed, lajardin/ 
JK sneak out, China plate/AS empty 
coke can, I don't press I pick, not TTn 
anymore/JS - EVERYTHING, TB, 
headwrecker, GRATEFUL DEAD/Meet 
me on Sugar Hill! 

Ryan Patrick O'Connell 
No Brody, Baca isn't dead. Peter, you 
ain't to be a Marine? 1 swear I fell down 
the stairs! Hey Beetle I sneezed 10 times. 
Jeff, do you understand anything she is 
talking about? Open these damn win- 
dows! Hey guys when is T time. And to 
all yo people who were cool to me thanks! 
And special thanks to my Mom and Dad, 
and to the Neidog, and to Mr. Tierney 
thanks a million! Amy, N.H., P. A., Omni. 

Megan Thomas O'Hare 
"Remember yesterday, live today dream 
for tomorrow." This Joe's space! Study 
buddies. . .Your right I don;'t get it! Dan- 
ielle — this doesn't taste like Cap'n 
Crunch. Waterville, Buzzard's Bay, three 
schools in three years! Thanks for making 
my two years fun D.M., K.B., T.C., K.C., 
M.K., Jim — your the best brother 1 could 
have, only two years left! MM, RP, CM, 
CD, TC, CG, LW. Friends for life! Thanks 
Mom and Dad, Sarah, Jim, and Dude! I 
love you! 

Charlie Oliviero 
Boss, Chucka Oliv 
"Having only a friendship is better than 
having nothing at all" Veneto, I still hav- 
en't forgotten all the cheap street hockey 
hits. Veneto and Weber, mumification 
under the light that went out. Weber, 
Sorry about putting a pool stick through 
the ceiling. Anderson, sorry about crash- 
ing the go-cart. Watson, eating the crowd 
pleaser. Anderson, swinging a baseball 
bat which slipped and hit a house across 
the street. Beatle, remember Pizza Hut? 

Jory Erik Osborne 
Gordo, Hory, Johnny, Judes 
Fab 5, BLC, GM, MF, DC, DE, Mt. Thanx 
MJ — I'm in the center of my mind. 
Black sheet, Daning Elephants, Hanover 
Mall. Dead '90, Concerts '90, Stones '89, 
Take the load off Connie and the Lingus 
Family. CMC. Riff #298. Spare tire. Mid- 
years '90. The Basement. 


Diana Michelle Paulik 
Dee D-Bird Bendana Deezie 
Class'91. . ."I am part of all of those I 
have me!". . .thanx for the memories! 
Mom & Dad. . .1 luv U Mike & 
Brandt. . .U 2 R the best (although I hate 
to admit it!) Friends in Tewks. . .never 
forgotten always remembered. Friends in 
Hingham. . .A good cry, a good laugh, a 
good hug. . ."That's what friends R 4" 1 
LUV U GUYS, We had homework? Pon 
T, stretch, rain dance. Catholic girls clos- 
er w/time, E I'm smilen, Siamese twins. 
can I have something to eat? 

Matthew Pierce 
I won't say it was fun — it wan't. I won't 
say I'll miss U — I won't . I'm ready 2 
go, give it my all, get knocked down & 
try again. I'd rather fail a lot & know I'll 
get to my goal, than be complacent. My 
advice experience all that is good, cruel, 
easy, & impossible. U never know — U 
might succeed — somebody has to. Bend 
— Break — Shatter the rules. Don't be 
a robot. When U-R dead, U- R dead for- 
ever. I plan to live a little before I die. 
Le woes go to foes — Friends live long 
& prosper. ILV ZH. 

Kristen S. Pini 
Pini, Pini? Cheese, Wiz 
Sis — Cary & Michael; Anybody want a 
peanut? — Twue wuv — And there was 
great rejoicing. . .yeah. Feinstein & For- 
lizzi: You can count on it — Daniel! Wun 
'em over! Hopie Indian — Devil Triplets! 
Play-doh — I'm shy. Pas! Piece de bois! 
So guy! Boyfriend jacket? What the hell 
was that? Thank you everyone; M, D & 
J. "Set down the wine & the dice & per- 
ish the thought of tomorrow." 

Amy Elliot Pitcher 
"I am older now. I have more than what 
I wanted but I wish that I had started 
long before I did" The BL Crew: Boopa, 
Anne, Jen, Stu, Moof, & Kate (Love ya 
guys) Fab 5, "Russians", and dynamic 
duo. So many good times, but never 
enough. Speaking of cats, he's got 
big. . .limbs, Hanz + Franz Uhg! G + B 
Babes, Heaf^ CK MC BP HJ AR TC TI 
VI SW; Thanks for everything. Love ya 
M^ + D. And David, there is too much 
to say so I'll keep it short: I love you! 

Michael D. Pridham 


"Then as it ws, then again it will be. Know 

the course may change sometimes, rivers 

always reach the sea " July 10/ 

October 8. "P", "QF", "QS", "PA", 
"PF", I duno, no 9's, Trampeline, lolli- 
pop, Frams — Woust, Nueva, June 22, 
right lane, good luck Kebab, Rock, Mn, 
CH, KR, TW, RB, and the TD class, and 
everyone else I didn't mention. Thanks 
Mom + Steve. 

Bryan Raffetto 
The Group, The Band, The Good Times, 
don't forget them. Life is like golf. It's 
not the pen, it's the penmanship. For even 
the strongest, some stones are not meant 
to be lifted. We are all singing the same 
song. Find yourself and find your friends, 
they'll be close to your side. You can run, 
you can hide, you can look far and low, 
but in the end, you'll know where to go. 
The toughest thing to lose is something 
you never had. 

Amy M. Rancourt 

Rammer Raincoat 
Class of '91: Recall our times s often as 
you like, a happy memory never wears 
out! Eric — ILY thanks for being there. 
Ro & Liz — we've been through so much. 
M & Aim — E Block! So many memories: 
STE mall — police studpuppies best- 
buddies my tiger arrogance bumble 
reow. . .baby hammertime JALBD car- 
dancing 3 fugitives NHD 90 natural wom- 
an OPA FACES Thanks to all my 
friends. . .you know who you are. 

Timothy W. Reardon 
Recycle Naked 


Scott Gordon 
F.I.D.O. B.O.H.I.C.A. "Both My Feet's 
Be Off The Ground!!!", We the willing, 
led by the unknowing, are doing the im- 
possible for the ungrateful. We have done 
so much, for so long, with so little, that 
we are now qualified to do anything with 

Maureen Lee Regan 
Moe, Harry', Moezy, Moelee, gladys 
How high I aim. How high I see, how far 
I reach, depends on me. Skating. . .Bay 
State Games, Nationals, K.A. all the way 
— Les, Sue, M. O'B, Summer '89 CK 
Cape Cod highlights (G.G.K.) expression, 
T.D.G. B.K. S.F. "You've got a friend", 
Bldg 12-2 "I'm the Princess that's why" 
Good luck Jen, Thanx Mom, Dad*, Laur- 
a, and all my friends and family Love Ya 

Katherine Reimold 
U2 B7 PG. Remember Washington D.C. 
88? What's a Tinker Twanger? Police — 
I have the floor! This is my dumb friend. 
BIO 10 with BK and PG. Monday night 
basketball with CF and SO. What's in a 
gentelman's Wearhouse Sandwich? Bru- 
ins Game with CF and SQ. Go Borque! 
Tom Petty with JC and CF. Don't worry 
about it! Thanks for the memories CF, 
SQ, JM, BK, MA, and JM. 

R. Scott Reynolds 
Reel race cars have manual transmis- 
sions. Have great expectations and be 
what you want to be. Thanks Mom, Dad, 
and Mr. J. 

Peggy Richards 
"C" is for cookie. That's good enough 
for me. 

Marc Roper 

Mark Rowell 

Anne Elsayed Saleh 
Sal, da Wormser 
You can close your eyes to reality, but 
not to memories — The B.L. crew: Stu, 
Boop, Kate, Amy, Jen, Sue. Late night 
talks — the truth comes out. Thanks for 
everything. I'll never forget you guys. Stu 

— getting busted and lovi it! Call — 87, 
89 — 90 — so many good times. Boop 

— surprised?? The Cape — one to re- 
member Summer '90 — the best. Jen 

— where did you get that ball? K.M. — 
BF Always. Thanks to the brother I 
thought I never had — Dave — you are 
really special. Thanks M & D. 


Jane Samargedlis 
Past friendships will be in my heart for- 
ever. Sanibel Is Cape Cod: Marshfield 
Acrosmith: Swim, lasagna: DL's house 
— I'm not wiping! Chinese food JC — 
CF, Cotton, Mixers, BL 8/23: HC's ties! 
Thayermen? Toothpaste Love you! Sug- 
ar Hill love you all! CB, HC, SC, BH, JH, 
HK, JK, DO, AS! HC, JC, DO (BFF) Love 
Mom, Dad, PS, TB: Meet me on the Sug- 
ar Hill! 

Jennifer Sanford 
Love and happiness are sure to follow 
once you begin living for what not for 
what was, will be, or could have been. 
Tracie best friends are forever, Tim "Fix 
It" ILU, Thanks Guys, I'd be lost without: 
N.H. Bidhead Snookums My Tiger Ugly 
Together Morning memories. MO Dreams 
Beeps Sexy softball Fool in the rain Elmo 
Din Jena gbno masc JS Trailblazing Steve 
thumbin! Remember, friends are every- 
thing so 'never say good-bye* 

Catherine Savini 
"I can't remember who met who first, or 
who liked who first, all I can remember 
is all of us together" St. Elmo's Fire, L.N. 
Pictionary Star Studio Venus Obnoxious 
Pills Life Cosmic Muffin Betty is that Jim- 
my's ring you're wearing? Mel Native 
Land guardian Stang Berry Lost Again 
Failed Donkey's Blue Beast Pressure Gap 
Alert Typewriter Nice You keep me 
searching for that heart of Gold Ameri- 
can Pie CG Beach Duxbury Nantasket 
Sandy SUMMER The Marsh Normal 

Lisa Marie Schirmer 
"I'v conquered my pst the future is here 
at last I stand at the entrance to a new 
world I can see" Thanx MG MH TW MB 
TD JC AC Bubba AS MH clambake '88 
w/Carl To Steph U2 Sugar bush Queeche 
living w/Dan Derek chico wa da da dang 
New Years '88 — Thanx for all the mem- 
ories "If the sun refused to shine I'd still 
be loving you, if the mountains crumbled 
to the Sea There'd still be you and me" 
— Tom 12/30/89 

J. Daniel Schrauth 
Today football. Tomorrow Lacrosse. 

Christopher Smith 
Live your life as you wish and be a simple 
kinda man. Hockey 88 — 91d, Lemieux 
is dead — Stevie is born, Le Cue, Mattie 
in the morning, NO! you idiot. JEN!! Her- 
sey field, Nangle's house, V's houe, Vick's 
houe, but not mine, SC, JM, FD, MV, 
AV, MN. Have fun next year Nagle. 

Matt Smith 
Summer 90. Liver, Tim, The don, Dave, 
Long guy, The Doobers. The Funnel, The 
Chmber. Racing to the cape. 110 in the 
breakdown. Quarter barrel for 3. The 
Mercedes, 24 minutes, I won! Weaving, 
it is all a game. Coming back from Sears. 
Long Island. Just one more Leek. 350 
Nova. Smoke show in the parking lot. 
"Had enough bad boo", "Pack the car- 
rot." I.L.J., The gas station. Thanx 
M.D.J.R. Later. We oughta here. 

Brett L. Snyder 
A man walks into an airport & suddenly 
turns around & leaves. At precisely the 
same moment on the other side of town 
a woman spills a glass of milk, coinced- 
ence or phenomana? 


Sandra Elizabeth Spear 
"Lord, when we are wrong, make us will- 
ing to change. And when we are right, 
make us easy to live with." — Peter Mar- 
shall. This is my prayer for every one of 
us. . .that we may grow & prosper in our 
lives ahead. 

Alice Jean Spirito 

AJ, Ally, Spiccoli 
"Having fun is laughing at your feelings." 
— Jim Infontino/"WBA" It was nice 
while it lasted/Good luck SG, HS, AG, 
JM/Tricia: Thanks for picking up where 
they left off/ Summer of 90: GD @ Fox, 
CSN — Bottoms up to the SHG. We've 
come a long and CUMBERSOME way: 
DO JS/ARRIBA!/Thanks M & D, Mari 
CJ Oath Bill. 

Kate Alexandra Staunton 
Dig, Foof 
Thanks to all my friends for their support 
and the memories they gave me. The BL 
Crew: Anne Jen Karin Sue Michelle Amy 
and Dave. 4/27/90. Summer 89, 90. 7/ 
4/90. Girl talks with Dave. "DEWO- 
PAAS" Partis at Anne's/Whelan's/ 
Sean's. I saw you Anne. Jen — mailbox! 
Let's steal some balls. Lost in Norwell. 
Next day breakfasts. Law: No donuts. 
Thanks to all my parents/Joshua/Peter. 

Daniel W. Stebbins 
"Through these fields of destruction Bap- 
tisms of fire I've watched all your suf- 
fering As the battles raged higher And 
though they did hurt me so bad In the 
tear and alarm you did not desert me My 
brothers in arms. . .Now the sun's gone 
to hell And the moon's riding high Let 
me bid you farewell Every man had to 
die But it's written in the starlight And 
every line on your palm We're fools to 
make war On our brothrs in arms." — 
Dire Straits — Brokers in Arms 

Scott St. Pierre 
A Peaceful Place or so it looks from space 
— A closer look revelas The Human 
Race. Thanks to: J.C, K.L., P.P., J.B., 
and special thanks to all my family — I 
love you all. I couldn't have done it with- 
out — U — . John Bethony will live on 
in our hearts forever. 

Michelle Marie Stuart 
To the BLC Thanx for the good times. 
Anne, Lili, Boopa, Foof, Amy & Jen. 
Times to remember: Suds "Is it for here 
or to go? Yeah" Sue — Wonder B's S 
& J, "I got the Power" Anne Call 86, 
88, 89 ASU party, so much trouble but 
so much fun. CM thanx for the laugh. 
SUMMER '90 Rob "By Dove Moo" 11/ 
11/89 "LA Kings" "NC2U" Mom and 
Dad thanx for everything I love you! 

Amanda Elizabeth Sutton 
"The time hs come the Walrus said. 
Goodbye and Goodluck to all. 

Marc Swanson 


Matt league 
"You can't always get what you want, 
but if you try sometimes, you'll find you 
can get what you need." — The Rolling 
Stones. The Band (S) — R. 298 (WIJB), 
The Spare Tires, and The Lingas Family 
Band(JO, MF, DC), Hah? Hockey ('89- 
'91) Bickfords. "You Broke Me." Fun For 
The Border. Lard, R.R. Others: (JD, BW, 
TH, AV, PCX2, MA, Dd, KM, GM, BR, 
Zj, CC, CS, JT, JG, LDF, BS, MT, ??) 
"I AM a good driver." 

Jamey Tesler 
It's hrd to play it safe but apart from a 
few good friends we don't take anything 
on faith — Rush; Duma, Coldcut, phone- 
man, Herbie, Doctor, nonuk, Dina, tur- 
keye, mailpol, shag, satan, cat guitargod, 
JC ame, Milla, Louman, 7 GS, Water- 
ville, lemon (Teddy)$, new year, glasses, 
the tape, Dream within a dream, it's fun 
until someone gets pushed through a win- 
dow, Conan, Lazelle, Rob no parties Sun- 
day, store 24, House of pain. Try as they 
may they cannot steal your dreams — 

Mike Tutkus 

Michael Peter Veneto 
Sunset Lane, Andersons Toes, UNH 
Trips, "What do you feel sick?", "Wher- 
e's Veneto?", "Put Janet on", sttring of 
dojos, "Web -#9", "Biv & Devoe", "Ok 
Rock", Hockey (states), soccer, "Schu- 
werk is parafied", "Dega thinks he has 
got something", JA CW CO RC MB RS 
EG CB KS TS, Thanks Mom, Dad, Ang, 
Mitch, and god above! 

John Alan Thorp 
"Be content with you lot; one cannot be 
first in everything". . .WRONG! Why 
can't I wear #8 in Bball, Cunningham too 
quick, shups. It's showtime, 6'8", FE — 
Mur, Shoot the rock! Socr, Bball, & Track. 
I love you Mom and Dad. 

^^^■' ^ 



■■ ^/ 




> 9^1 

^^^^^^^^^^^^HU ' 


Beth Ann Vesey 
"The weeks dragged on as if they ewre 
months, the months dragged on as if they 
were years, the years passed as if they 
ewre seconds" V, SC. SB, KB, MB, MD, 
MF, JD, SM, PB & J, push buttons, 22. . ., 
I would, los lobos, who's drivin/buyin? 
p.o.d.! — Brett night convos, the saga 
89 — heels "There isn't a greater friend- 
ship than the one we share continuing to 
trust one another we're the perfect pair" 
Thanks guys for all the good times + 
memories best Friends are 4 ever. 

Rob Tobey 
"Remember to watch out for each other, 
love and forgive everyone, it's a good 
life" — Jim Henson. "We as a species 
have reached our edge. In order to sur- 
vive there, e must change. Change 
rhythms. Change rhythms and dance." 
— Mickey Hart. Vast thanks and gra- 
tefullness to music, nature, and espe- 
cially to my loved ones who have been 
there for everything, and also to anyone 
who has ever given me a smile. Tally-ho! 

Adam Vickery 
"There is only one success, to be able to 
spend your life in your own way." Thanks 
Web, Eric, Sue, Watcrville, wet dogs, or 
jokes over, put a shirt on, grab the rope, 
what? You're an animal. Let the beating 
begin! WML hockey, lax. Special thanks 
to Jen and Smitty. !JEN! froze toes, tum- 
my tuck, a whoo? marriage, hoop, prom, 
I've seen your boyfriend. Beach Volley- 
ball, Herscy, v's — chuck, Rules of the 
game. Fib, defintely tonight. Thanks Mom 
and Dad for putting up with me. 

Pam Wallisuta 


Michael C. Violandi 
Mike, V. 
Nagles "90", chuck! Good luck — chris, 
Frank, Mike, Adam. Football "90" #81. 
"Hersey". FD — good day with the truck 
(bike possum). Rules of the game, vol- 
leyball definately tonight, sure Smitty. 
Thanks Mom & Dad. 

Robin Elizabeth Vogel 
Remember: B19 — The giant innerture 
— the mattresses — "Are YOU HAV- 
ING FUN UP THRE?!" — The Oscar 
Myer Weiner. Stumpy — Big Red — 
Boring — Come On — Comforter — 
Bean Pole. BK crowns. Peaceful Mead- 
ows — If and but if and but — wo wo 
wo woman. "When's your B-day? Like 
my hat? Got any T-shirts?" Bisquick, 
Wagon wheels, squinties. Rev and mum- 
ma. The night we ALMOST got caught. 
The famous last words of you know who 

Kathleen Mary Waldron 
Party at G.C. — Hey Booboo how bout 
a picnic basket — 2 teenage girls jump- 
ing in front of car — Montreal Washing- 
ton — USKA I beat chu, — Quebec, 
Hanz + Franz guards, Katy's got a gun 

the vamp — Cheerleading (capt) 

Movie theatre incident — vote BF 

Beep — twinkies — COB, CC, JW, JO, 
JM, JC, DJ, PR, RV — Thanx Mom & 

Pam Wallisuta 

Jennifer Watkins 

Jonathan T. Watson 
Jon, Derrick, Sony 
Yu can't have as good a time by yourself 
as you can with your friends. CW, SM, 
KITCHEN, Well, we're waiting! We had 
great times, there will be more! And what 
does the future hold? It's up to you to 
decide. But no matter what yo do, keep 
your friends, be happy and have fun. 
Good luck class of 1991. And thank you 
Dad, Mom, Heidi, Mike, Jen, and Anne. 
I Love You All. 

Christopher D. Weber 
Weber, Webb 
"Champions Rise To The Occasion" 
Sunset Lne. Veneto: #9 Pocket, Get those 
feet up to South Shore, your gerbils. Lets 
Gety Ready To Rumble. Anderson: Nurse 
Linda. "Right", Watson's clubs, "Sh_t 
like that" Watson the Patty Bergs, Roly 
Poly.Cano street hockey — undefeated, 
send me BC tickets. Carolina, UNH trip, 
Anderson vs Lazaro, Veneto testing plas- 
tic, dojos, passing out, JA, MV, JW, MC, 
SM, RC, BC, CO, KS, The Bud Crew. 
Thanks family and God aboe! 

Timothy J. Weber 
"Life movs pretty fast, if you don't stop 
and look around, you could miss it" — 
Ferris Bueller, Summer '90, Waterville, 
3 a.m.. Wet dog, jokes over, lost river, 
S & M, 7 times, chicken's ready, sha, 
trampoline. Party all the time, Funnel 
team, doobers, closet. Cape, N.Y., Utah, 
Canada, Harborlight, Nintendo, Penni- 
man, Friday the 13th, Massachusetts 
Massacre, hoverboards, N.W.A., Slow 
Children sign, 69, "Party on Dudes" — 
Bill and Ted. 


Lauren Elaine Welch 
If we fill our hours with regrets of yes- 
terday and worries of tomorrow, we have 
no today in which to be thankful. To Ker- 
rin and Ann: A friend is one who comes 
in when the whole world's gone out. — 
Thanks for always being there. R.K., J.K., 
B.R., M.D., J.D., M.K. — Thanks for all 
the memories. Thanks Mom, Dad, and 
Jen. 1 love you. 

Tara Marie Welsh 
When you call out my name you know 
where ever I am I'll come running to see 
you again. Thanx Meg I'll never forget 
you. CB, SC, MH, MG, MF, KH, SG. We 
are the WBA! Mooscy. Florida 89-0-. Rob 
thanx for everything 2/16/90, Chery pic, 
What you say about summer? Lean on 
me. Meg — want to get a soda? O, sock- 
et to me over thar. Girls night out, Shel- 
ly's party her mom crashed it. Love ya 
Mom + Dad 

Andrew J. Whalen 
Pale Hosre and emise; it's over. School 
and society was all "To early seen un- 
known, and known too late." To my 
friends, the few, the proud. . .no wait 
that's the marines, well it matters not. 
Good luck in lie friends. (J.B., T.C., M.E., 
CM., A.T., N.N., K.C., and evil crew) I 
LOVE YOU Karin. Remember Justin and 
his fate, oops sorry AY (AH) Remember 
Schrodingers cat all and to all a good 

Kimberly White 
"We laughed until e had to cry, and we 
loved right down to our last goodbye" 
Thanks L.B., K.c, C.F., C.S., Study Bud- 
dies Meg Do ya get it? B-ball Ireland '89 
Teddy Irish step dance LAX Mac tonight 
L. Nights Chinese Fire Drill N.H. Frugger 
Coloring Ma Nay Iss Math Team Mustang 
Clapton Quebec My wreath Mom's Cud- 
dy Twix 246 chVue's smile Tuby Outlet 
— You're the best Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Peej, Kelley — I love You! 

Veronica Juia White 
"V", Vic, Roni 
"Rome was not built in a day, opposition 
will come your way. . .But the hrder the 
battle you see, the sweeter the victory." 
(J. Cliff) Don't let anything get in the way 
of your dreams: your heart has a capa- 
bility of being broken but. . .will only break 
if you let it. . .HI Leepa! Shamm got the 
motts? VT. AH Whoups! xmass tree. 
"Blau" ooh baby it's a wild world, CCR, 
"the roof" Brettski, I'm RIPPED! Veez, 
pizza on run. Sarah, WHAAT? Open ses- 

Brian David Wightman 
Whitey, Coach, Bri, Stieve 
"The spirit, the will to win, and the will 
to excel are the things that endure. These 
qualities are so much more important than 
the events that occur." Vince Lombardi. 
I would like to thankt he class of 1991 
because these last four years have been 
the bst of my life. Thanks: M + D, J.D., 
M.T., T.H., J.G., D.S., M.K., L.F., P.G., 
the rest of the gang and the Hingham 
Hockey Team. 

Eric Wipfler 
Summer of '90 in Waterville, Tim W., 
Adam V., Ian M., Tom C, the magnets 
off. Stark Ravin' Sha, The tower. Tram- 
poline, good luck BZRKER. Straight Edge 
In Your Face. 

Brian Lunderville 


Jennifer Lynne Young 
Jen, Jen-Jen, "Jenn Yang" 
ORC, chorus, drama, Eric I love yu 4- 
ever and alway angel eyes 8/8/90 8/ 
9/90 Beach DM TCBY Brig "Yang" 
"Young, wow and the same first name 
too" "The Freshmen" 7/10 7/20 MC 
Kit Carpe Diem Spanish Club, AFS., JH, 
JW, SM, SH, BM, KC, UMB Jt^ pC 
BJCANYRI/H fudge sundae kids caba- 
ret M's SB HC JP Sp2 acting 4-ever "AG" 
"Lit mer" Grammy bob Fred, Jed HA N 
+ P Mom Dad love you DQ, KK thanx 

Adam Woodward 

01 Yan Chui 
Hong Kong is not China but after 1997 
I speak neither Chinese nor Mandarin but 
Cantonese. Kowloon is where I live it 
means "9 dragons" Choy Kin!! 

Tina Hulse 

Johannes Wikstrom 

Morten Vestcrgaard — Poulsen 
The time we dream and spend together 
will be the time I'll always remem- 
ber. . .good luck to everyone. Many 
thanks to AFS, my family and friends. 
Special thanks to my wonderful host fam- 
ily Adrienne and Scott (His majesty) 

James Norton 

Class of 1991 
Decran Abromowich 
Alexander Altmann 
Mark Blake 
Michelle Beaton 
Kevin Borowski 
Collin Cameron 
John Hiltz 
Suzanne Maher 
Jennifer McKenzie 
Samia Mirza 
Michael Reddish 
Ha'pri Strouble 
Kathleen Waldron 
Brian Zweigle 




A . 


muiT w 

Cory and Jane psyched for the 
senior wall! 




^. #n#fc(© ^ #t^ 

(L to R, Top) M. Anastos, D. Griffiths, T. Hughes, J. Mullin, M. Browne, D. Schrauth, M. Fredie, G. Jarvis, P. 
Cinquegrano, B. Rioux, D. Lemay, J, Adamson, M. Boomer, T. Kennedy, B. Porier, Coach J. Todd (Bottom) J. Anderson, 
A. Locke, J. LeStage, S. McGowen, G. Winch, B. Mayhew, F. Derubis 

Last season, the boy's Lacrosse team had their best season in several years, earning a 9-6 record and advancing to 
the first round of the state tournament. The brilliant coaching of John Todd, combined with the experience and talent 
of a seasoned squad of veterans, produced a seldom seen Hingham Lacrosse History. Offensively, the boys were led by 
Senior face-off specialist, Mike Browne and Senior Dan Schrauth's season-high scoring offensive. Defensively, the team 
was just as solid — Senior Tim Hughes had a fantastic season in the net. Next season, the Harbormen led by Captains 
Mike Browne, Dan Schrauth and Tim Hughes should have a promising season. Many young prospects and several veterans 
should make the team a strong contender for the states' again. 



Hughes makes the save, but can't pull off the split. The judges 
give him a 6.8. 

Mike Browne battles for the 


(Slirls" Lacir®; 

(Back Row) Coach Williams, L. brio, C. Kovatch, N. Buba, M. Keohan, A. Williams, C. Burrell, K. Delay, A. 
Taylor, L. Doty, T. Sullivan, A. Cortese, K. Carty, (Front Row) L. Welch, C. Fahie, K. Kelleher, J. Cooney, S. 
Cook, K. White, C. Cortese, L. Schirmer, K. Cannon, C. Mundhenk 

The Girls' Lacrosse team 
led by Coach Williams was 
promoted to Division I last 
season, resulting in a very 
tough competition against 
many strong teams. Al- 
though our record may not 
show it, the team played 
every game seriously with 
effort and confidence. The 
team's spirit and enthusi- 
asm made it an enjoyable 
and fun season for every- 
one! This year we will be 
looking forward to the 
leadership of Captains 
Kate Carty, Ann Cortese 
and Missy Keohan to bring 
all of the Seniors together 
and produce a winning 
season and possibly a tour- 
nament birth! 


EiSsP? Ms 


eSH8S& lllylfi 






H^ ff> 

w ^ 

(Back Row) Mngr. T. Wallack, P. McKenna, M. Games, R. Kisiel, J. Garrison, G. Manning, M. Gainey, 

I. McDonald, Coach 

(Front Row) P. Cox, J. Darling, P. Games, D. Glaffey, M. Agostino, J. Osborne 

The 1990 Hingham High School baseball team completed a fine season 
with an 8-10 record. After a slow start, the team sprang into an incredible 
streak, winning five in a row. Also, the team had one of its finest moments 
of the season when they beat Bridgewater-Raynam, a defeat that hasn't 
occurred in the last twelve attempts. We hope that this Spring their success 
will continue to be as glorious as the past year. 

Junior Varsity Squad 

Matt Games waits on base 



Rob Kisiel 

Matt Games 

Mike Agostino 


Sailing Team 1990: 

Andrew Sanocki 

Greg Hren 

Doug McFadd 

Brett Snyder 

Justine Hanson 

Brett Garland 

Peter Goulding and Jessica Foley 

Left: Justine Hanson Skippering boat 78 


(Top L to R): Coach Bickford, L. Blampied, A. Godfrey, A. Rowe, J. Holcombe, K. Hatfield, Katy M, 
L. Kerr, M. Maclean, L. Maclean, Holly, S. Beztercy 

Girl's varsity tennis dominated the league under coach Jan Bickford. The 
team cooperation and individual perseverance led the team record to a 14-0 
record. Second doubles team Karen Hatfield and Liz Blampied dropped only 
one match in league play. Other varsity Seniors include double players Julie 
Holcombe and Shara Beztercy. Additional team excellence was distributed to 
the team by Juniors Amy Rowe, Abby Godfrey, Holly Sarni, and Courtney 



Coach Jan Bickford looks about the other team's 

(Above) Liz Blampied thinks about LIFE. 


(L to R Top): J. Sanford, L. Thorn, C. Leahy, D. Needham, W. Herman, M. Gaye, C. Hadayia, — , P. Gilbert, S. Mortimer, M. Brookes, 
J. Welch, — , Jen M. 

Despite the few wins earned in the 1990 season, this year's softball team looks to be strong and 
promising. The team hopes to be very competitive in the new league this upcoming season. As always 
the returning players, as well as new additions, will give their all while keeping a good team spirit. This 
year's team will be lead by senior tri-captains Wendy- Lynne Herman (3rd/SS), Melanie Gay (SS/3rd) 
and Chrissy Leahy (LF/CF). Other returning seniors include Diane Needham (OF), Jenn Sanford (P), 
Chrissy Hadyia (C/OF) and Patty Gilbert (C). Great contributions will be given by returning underclassmen 
as well. The softball team wants to extend a "special thanks to Coach Mortimer and Dave Hickey for 
helping us be the best we can . . . We are looking forward to a great season and a championship title! 

Co-captains Wendy Herman, Melanie Gaye and Chrissy Leahy are UP AT BAT. YEAH. 




(L to R, clockwise) Coach Herrmann, S. Tutkis, J. Pelekis, D. Arkell, R. O'Shea, M. Roper (Cap.), B. Blair, 
V, Cappella, D. Stebbins, J. Thorpe (Cap.), M. Goldberg, J. Wright, R. Carberry, Asst. Coach Mangenello, 
J. Dorfman, B. Tory, M. Taylor, J. Messer, B. Porter, J. Bologna, T. Gonsalves, M. Hostetter, A. Leary 

Hingham High's Spring track 
team was led by co-captains John 
Thorpe and Marc Roper. Thorpe 
dominated the high jump competi- 
tion and was a contender for the 
state championship. Roper lead a 
talented group of distance runners 
including senior Dan Stebbins. Mark 
Goldberg, the team's other senior 
was one of the league's leading 
sprinters. The team competed suc- 
cessfully in the Atlantic Coast 
League and sent many individuals 
onto the state meet. Despite a few 
injuries, Hingham competed better 
than anticipated in this tough new 

Co-captain Marc Roper 



Goldberg receives baton to an- 
chor the sprint relay 

Roper gains in tiie mile 

Coach Herrnnann 

Co-captain John Thorpe 

Mark Goldberg 

Dan Stebbins 



prmg Tirack 

L. to R. coach Carl Burgess, D. DeCoste, K. Mundhenk, A. Sutton, S. Demaggio, B. Howe, A. Spirito, W. Garrison, C. Games, D. 
Ferias/bottom L. to R. K. Reimold, H. Kutch, S. Margetts, L. Hansberry, J. McKenzie, V. White, S. Gannon, Goach Jon Rice 




Gaptain McKenzie, determined and ready 


Fall Sports 




(L to R, Back) K. Leohan, H. Sarni, C. Games, — C. Burle, K. Mundhank, J. Locke, J. DeAggazio, — , — , K. Mina, 

Coach Williams 

(Front) H. Sarni, S. DeMaggio, K. Conway, C. Mundhank, M. Keohan, K. McCann, K. Staunton, M. Stuart, K. Cannon 

The Hingham High Girl's soccer team, led by tri-captains Karin McCann, Missy Keohan, and 
Cory Mundhank had a good season despite our record. There were also strong contributions 
made by the senior teammates Sue Demaggio, Michelle Stuart, Kate Staunton, and Kristen 
Conway. The supportive coach, Mrs. Williams, provided both emotional and physical strength to 
the team. The success of this years team was attributed to hard work during both practices and 
games as well as enthusiasm and good spirit by both Hingham students and parents. The girl's 
willingness to help each other out and to work together provided a positive atmosphere and 
allowed each member to feel that they were an important contribution to the team's success. 


Michelle Stuart (above) 

Karin McCann takes a shot. 

Missy Keohan fights for the ball. 


Random: coach Steve Thomas, M. Osier, J. Hanrahan, T. O'Hare, E. Brown, K. Conway, P. Goulding, 
B. Hughes, B. Maghew, T. Mehrmann, R. Schuhwerk, M. Dellavolpe, B. Taylor/bottom, L. to R. J. 
Wikstrom, M. Vesterguard, B. Hughes, L. Fleites, M. Brennan, M. Veneto, J. Thorp, K. Langlois, T. 
Corry, R. Clinton, P. Cafferty, and B. Delgallo 

Dega's Smiln' 

Thorphie bites his tongue while makin' a play 





Dedicated J. Thorp and M. Veneto gather for a short moment with their 
coach, Steve Thomas 

Fleites uses his bionic kick 

Clinton blasts it 


Moving into the newly formed Atlantic Coast League made the 1990 Football season exciting and 
challenging. Hingham had the chance to face many opponents, whom they had not played in years. 
Lead by head coach Fred Jewett and captains, Matt Carnes, Rob Kiesel and Sean Hayes the team 
opened up against Abington with a 16-7 win. The next win for the Harbormen would come against 
Dennis Yarmouth, where Hingham's offense exploded for 35 points. The team's final record encom- 
passed 2 wins, 6 losses and 1 tie. The football team stayed relatively injury free. Strong play was 
exhibited from all the Seniors along with many of the underclassmen. The team worked hard all year, 
making a season to remember. 


Sean Hayes, captain 

Matt Carnes, captain 

Dan Schrautii 


Frank Derubis 

Dave Cham 

Josh Kelly 

Rob Keisel, captain 

Tom Bellew 

Mike Farina 

Mike Violandi 


Here it comes 






fc_..jB^ MjjM 


>» --T' 


Tastes Great! 

The crowd silently watching the game in awe. 

5/iaJT fOPOCiAH»tJ(5HAM rtiOH 

^c-z^^crtisi-tj - I2.:<^vA Howl 
4. Thckf clap HHincj 

s fUPCHicT 

The Cheerleaders ponder Coach Jewitt's strategy. 




The Hingham High Field Hockey team has 
succeeded in overrunning many people's ex- 
pectations. With the change to the much more 
competitive Atlantic Coast League, the team 
has faced demanding competition against 
strong teams such as Dennis Yarmouth and 
Sandwich, Hingham's defeat of the eventual 
league champion Sandwich, was perhaps the 
high point followed by a solid second place 
standing in the ACL. 

The team was led by co-captains Meg Dug- 
gan and Jenn Davies and accelerated by sen- 
iors; Ann Cortese, Kate Carty, Catherine 

Ferretti, Jen Kearny, Jen McGeogan, Patty 
Gilbert, Jen Bell, Lauren Welch, and Susan- 
nah Carr. The dedication, enthusiasm and 
hard work of the seniors and the several jun- 
iors on the team was the key to success. 

The seniors of the 1990 Field Hockey team 
would like to wish the best of luck to next 
year's team and also thank Ms. Gordon for 
her strong support: "Through the ups and 
downs of the season you have shown us the 
true meaning of dedication and hard work. 
A team could not ask for a better coach!!" 

(Below) Coach Meredith Gordon 

(L to R clockwise): H. Cooke, C. Cullings, S. Spellman, K. Ferretti, J. Kearney, S. Carr, Stephanie, 
A. Hagarty, A. Repucci, J. Bell, A. Cortese, L. Welch, J. Davies, M. Duggan, P. Gilbert, K. Carty, K. 

(Below) Ready for Action (L to R) Dugga, Carty, Davies, Welch, Gilbert, Cortese, and Davies (again). 


S)©y©' Cross (C(0 



(L to R clockwise) B. TuUey, J. Wright, D. Ryan, B. Snyder (Cap.), K. Visser, M. Roper (Cap.), J. 
Pclekis (Cap.), D. Arkell, S. Macintyre, Coach Ryan, R. O'Shea, D. Stebbins 

Hingham holds the 


Captains Brett Snyder and Joe Pelekis 

Go Hingham 






(R to L, counterclockwise:) Coach Ryan, J. Sanford, R. Bellew, T. Hulse, J. McKensie, H. Vandewall, K. Piatt, M. Dunlap, L. McAllister. 

(Left) Co-captains Jen Sanford and Jen McKensie. 


(Above) Jenn Sanford stares in amazement at the incredible death- defying 
speed of her teammates. (Below right) 


I S ports 




■'%.!.«>• <^Aiat*.«: ■«. • . : j«L.jij*»iiyb^_-w. 



Random: P. Cox, J. Hagan, T. Locke, A. McKenna, B. McNulty, R. Schuhwerk, J, Brooks, J. DelPidio, B. Hubeny, T. Jollin, S. Locke, B. Taylor, 
P. Ward, J. Mahoney, K. Willner, bottom/L. to R. P. Ward, A. Victory, C. Smith, B. DelGallo, J. Darling, M. Brennan, J. Anderson, B. Wightman, 
R. Canavan, M. Veneto, S. Hayes, and C. Oliviero. 




Canno Scores! 


(Back Row L to R) M. Carney, A. Duff, P. Salanova, J. Thorpe 

(Middle) Coach Clinton, C. McKlnley, A. Kayce, R. Chenoweth, S. Murray, J. Mitchell 

(Front) J. Carpenter, M. Cotsonas (Cap.), M. Carnes (Cap.), J. Watson 

With no returning starters and only four players with varsity experience, the team 
was looking for an improvement on last years 2-18 record. They did more than 
improve, posting big victories against tough league opponents. The Harbormen 
relied on each players different talents combined to help the team win. Each 
group of five players on the court worked above their ability to beat Randolph. 
A great defensive effort lead to victory against Duxbury and a fifty-foot bomb 
with one second left on the clock grabbed a win against Marshfield. This years 
team turned the doubters into believers and made the believers proud. A state- 
ment made by Coach Clinton summed up the season; "This team is special. We're 
winning the close games as well as the ones we weren't supposed to win. That's 
the difference between this team and Hingham basketball teams from the recent 
past." Our five seniors are leaving us with memories of a great year. Captain 
Matt Carnes producing a defensive masterpiece and Captain Mark Cotsonas with 
a baseline drive, John Thorp with his incredible dunk, Jon Carpenter with free 
throws to seal a victory and Jon Watson stepping back to hit a three pointer. 
We thank you for your tremendous effort and congratulate you for a fantastic 
seas on! 

left: Co-captain Matt Carnes 



Back Row (L to R): J. Locke, K. Kelly, L. Thome, C. Burrcll 

Middle: K. Cannon, J. McCarthy, C. Keohan, J. McGeoghegan, Coach D. Hickey 

Front: W. Herman, K. White, M. Keohan (Cap.), P. Gilbert 

The 1990-1991 Girls' Varsity Basketball Team, after 
entering a tougher, new league, showed improve- 
ment, despite being plagued with injuries. The team 
featured an intense, pressure defense along with a 
balanced offense. The team's unity and enthusiasm 
provided a fun season for everyone. 

Although the team's captain. Missy Keohan, sat 
out the season due to a knee injury, seniors; Patty 
Gilbert, Wendy Herman, Jen McGeoghan, Diane 
Needham and Kim White led the team both on and 
off the court through their hard work and motivation. 
Other varsity players that hold much promise for next 
year are juniors; Colby Burrell, Kerry Cannon, Cristin 
Keohan, Jen McCarthy, Allison Repucci and Lori 
Thorne. Also sophomores, Kim Kelly and Jessica 
Locke and a very successful Junior Varsity team in- 
sure a growing program. 



(Back Row) Coach Herrmann, B. Chelsea, T. Smith, J. Wright, J. Snyder, R. O'Shea, J. Wikstrom, Alex, 

K. Visser, D. Arkeli, M. Clark, A. Lash 

(Front Row) P. Leary, M. Farina, M. Goldberg (Cap.), M. Roper (Cap.), R. Keisel (Cap.), M. Vesterguard 

This year's Indoor Track team proved 
to be tough competitors in their return 
to the Tri-County league after a five 
year lapse. This talented team com- 
peted weekly at Boston University's in- 
door facility, and was led by Tri- Cap- 
tains Marc Roper, Mark Goldberg, and 
Rob Keisel. Fourth in the league in the 
mile. Roper led the distance team to 
many victories. Goldberg proved to be 
one of the top sprinters in the league, 
improving his times significantly in the 
300 and 50. Keisel, with his talent in 
the 300, high jump, and shot put, help 
lead the team to the league meet vic- 
tory. Other senior talent, such as the 
Class B high jump victor, Johannes 
Wikstrom, and spirited Mike Farina in 
the shot and relay, helped keep this 
team consistently strong. With the 
coaching of Steve Herrmann, Hingham 
proved to be a force against the tough 


Mark Goldberg is ready for the 300 (above). 
Pete Leary holds a lead in the 600 (left). 

Go Jeremy! 

Johannes Wikstrom scores in the shot put. 

Coach Steve Herrmann, and Tri-Captains Mark Goldberg, Marc Roper, and Rob Keisel 


Random: L, Banks, R. Bleidorn, K. Boyle, F. Burns, S. Cannon, L. Carroll, A. Doyle, M. Dunlap, W. 
Garrison, L. Gendron, L. Hoover, B. Howe, T. Hulse, L. Hunt, K. Immermann, K. Kellerher, S. Kentel, 
J. Lamb, M. Lavcy, K. Leahy, L. McAllister, M. McCarthy, J. McKenzie, K. Mundhenk, K. Myers, L. 
Ngo, K. Piatt, K. Sayer, T. Sullivan, H.L. Vandewall, and R, Vogel 


left: Julie Lamb puts the shot where it belongs 

right: Kristen Mundhenk, poised for a dash 
ing win 

right: Co-captain Jen McKenzie hurdles in 
the lead 

Random: Coach Bill Barges, M. Amonte, J. Beal, C. Harris, B. Livingston, C. Lofgren, M. Ventre, M. Watts, W. Berggren, bottom; L. to R. M. 
Tutkus, A. Barker, A. Whalen, T. Bellew, R. Clinton and coach Steven Oliva 

The wrestling team this year has proven that hard work and 
dedication pays off in the end. In the beginning of the season, 
teams including Whitman-Hanson and Randolph delivered crushing 
defeats and left the outlook for the season poor. After seeing the 
kind of competition they had, Hingham's practices became harder 
and more intense so they could keep up with other teams. Keeping 
up was not the easiest of tasks, considering the inexperience of 
this years team. With only four returning seniors, it took a lot of 
effort to get the team into shape. Two of these seniors, Adam 
Barker and Andy Whalen, were laid up with injuries and sickness 
for most of the season. Barker's absence hurt the team considering 
he was a good prospect for this year. The two senior captains, 
Ryan Clinton and Mike Tutkus, both veterans of the sport, pulled 

off many personal victories to bring up the team scores. Clinton 
and Tutkus both achieved wins in close matches against Cohasset, 
Bridgewater- Raynham, North Quincy and Plymouth causing 
Hingham to come close to victory. The final senior, Tom Bellew, 
is a first year wrestler who exhibited a great deal of natural talent 
in the sport by capturing key victories on varsity. It was up to 
these boys to lead the team. Though the beginning did not look 
too promising, Hingham gradually kept showing more and more 
improvement which eventually led to a giant win over a strong 
Cohasset team. The 39-36 upset of Cohasset along with many other 
close decisions document the Hingham wrestling teams desire to 
win as well as the effort and perseverance they gave throughout 
the season. 


Pausing . . . Both wrestlers stare off and ponder the meaning of life. 

BUT, Ryan snaps out of it soon enough 

i think I love you 

Satan's son goes for the play 


Heading off the season with a new coach, Janice Murry, 
the Gymnastics Team is on the road to victory! Dedi- 
cated, talented and hard working are characteristics of 
this year's gymnasts. Teammates Alyson Tesler, Dan- 
ielle Delmonico and Jennifer Hussey alternate as all- 
arounds, but the meets can't be won without the strong 
scores from the rest of the competitors and the support 
we receive from our loyal fans. The team is led by Cap- 
tains Sarah Maynard and Diana Paulik as well as the 
rest of the Seniors: Allison Bonnyman, Shannon Mortland 
and Danielle Myatt. However, the future success of the 
team is guaranteed by the talent and potential of the 

right: Diana Pauiii< is determined to 
keep iier balance intact 

upper left and below: Co-Captains 
Diana Paulik and Sarah Maynard 



Ian coughs up his 
Adam's apple. 

Can I have a sip? 





to kM»i^ * V . - V ^ 'V-' « 


,, Belleu, Rennee 
f^*i* 'i'« Berman, Julie 
C'fi^ Blowers, Sarah 
'^f.' Carpenter, Lissa 
■■'^" Conway, Mike 
^.- Costello, Tricia 
jij^/* Dewaltoff, Signe 
;^,;^|S,Finlay, Heather 
^'^>*g| Flaherty, Danielle 
■fi«»:»|^ Gendron, Lexy 
TSf'f^', Gillooly, Laura .^j^^i^Villani, Tiffany 
SS^f' Hills, Susanah4.2j;.^Hedrick, Gary 

Callahan, Libby 

Class of 1993 

%'H-_^^-. Larnon, Liz... 
• v*-'"'^ Iser, Ashley ' 
' '-'^^ Marcella, Lora 

r<y _- 

'Canavan, Joa 
Melkonian, Jen 

Mills, Melissa. , ^ Dunbar, Gretcheiv>^^ Clark, Matthe\A^: 

Moss, Vicki .'.ro^ Elliot, Robin 'fS^'%^ Cook, Holly 

Morey, Paul/;;;- Foley, Jessica^C^^^Dillard, Steph 

O'Brien, Jen //'^^j^^ Freednrian, Rana '^.J^.f^'.Duff, Alex, *'^^?''>/i Vanderweil, Sarah 

r.i.xx '^ ■ ■■ " ""' Friedman, Sarah Delawrence, Tara 

Hoover, Lindsay Donnelly, Meghan 

Immermann, Kristen Esser, Paige 

Myers, Katie .. . Friedman 

Sayer, Katie J: *"■ ^.^^Frongell 

Spear, JillwTc-^-^ -"S^^^' Gibson, 

VandewalCHoli; Hagopian, Lee "" xTr/>r^.:4^2.JJ^^ |M. 

White, Emily ■;;««>. ,::ii,';Hewitt, Melanie President: Justine Hanson *^ * •>*%i4v>^'^' 

' " ~^ Huges, Bill Vice President: Lauren Grillo, Brend'a Murphy 

Piatt, Kerri 
Plotner, Christy 
Troy, Jen 
Tully, Brandon 
Voger, Gretchen 
Way, Dan 'li'^^ 

Vesey, Jen 
Visser, Ken 

Dassori, Emma i$Si 

Reardon , Tim . «»>• -1» S" \, 
Thorp, John 


^. CJass of 19i9|^'^i^'.*? 

!?..?„rLocke, Andy 


Secretary: Heidi Smith 

j.:4Macintyre, Stu -''i>%'^ Treasurer: Toby Smith 

« « 

Amnesty Thterhational is an inferhati6fiaf hurtiah"* nghts'organizafibi^^^^ governmeiTts' atV ovei' IRe worrd urging the" "?' 

ipt^;-5^| release of all prisoners of conscience, fair and prompt trials for all political prisons and an end to torture and executions. 

^^S*-*"^- ^® ^°^*^ weekly urgent action meetings to write for cases requiring immediate action. At monthly meetings we write on behalf of a "^ 

«'.^ ,\"i England Student conference this past fall. For International Human Rights Day in December, we helped organize and participate in a 
iful write and then heard John Healey speak. Members attended the T 
! to many celebrations in June to mark Amnesty's 3Dth anniversary., .:«»j^ ^' 

♦'rv-'.^very successful write and then heard John Healey speak. Members attended the Northeast Regional Annual Conference in March. We ^i 



k> ,««)>!•' . 






*. K-y^ 

"jt All things considered, the Spanish 
" Club has been very successful this year. 
*< With the loss of last year's teacher ad- 

^ viser, the club was in need of a teacher 
or two to make it work. We would like 
to thank these two new advisors, Mr. 
Mulry and Mrs. Rosenburg who have 
thoughtfully dedicated a lot of time to 
the continuation of the club. The offi- 
cers for this year were, Bridget Flynn 
(pres.), Matthew Clark (V-Pres), Rob- 
ert Hunt (treasurer), and Melanie Hew- 
itt (secretary). We would like to wish 
the officers and members of the club 
in the future a lot of luck and success 

^ in all that they do! 


It'' , 

Caroline David 
Carin Games 
Emily Griffen 
Kim Seroll 
Alison McCabe 
Sarah Edison 
Heather Callahan 
Wendy Smith 
Libby Callahan 
William Danforth 
Michelle Boyle 
Melissa Carpenter 
Megan Connolly 
Ashley Iser 
Natalie Flynn 
Christy Plotner 
Jennifer Troy 
Karen Ganz 
Jean O'Brien 
Sarah Friedman 
Patty Baltyer 
Lisa Ken 
Lydia Mehegan 
Lisa Hawkins 
Mary Maclean 
Deirare Connoly 
Juliet Bustamonte 
Ben Lathrop 

Doug Carpenter 
Darren Bell * • '^.i^J 
Nancy Canavan 
Alon Ferency 
Pam Healy 
Chris Lcibfarth 
Ann O'Brien 
Karan Cruz ^^^^ 
Jana O'Grady / Jf 
Bob Higgins 
Lee Hagopian 
Amber Wigmore 
Paige Esser 
Holly Cook 
Lori Frongello 
Kerri Sweeney 
Mark Carney 
Julie DeAgarzio ' 
Meghan Donnelly 
Allison Reppucci 
Mark Ventre 
Mellanie Hewitt 
Jennifer Young 
Amanda Sutton 
Diana Paulik 
Lan-Dinh Ngo 
Sara Beszterzcey 
Pam Martin 

•«*>«< »*^^ 







French Club 

Advisor: Mme. Flaherty \ 


President: Julie Lamb 
Vice President: Joe PeleBs 
Secretary: Chrissy O'Brien 
Treasurer: Toby Smith 


Lynn Hadadd 

Marc Roper "* 

Rob Kisiel 

Greg McPherson 

Oliver Leek 

Mike Veneto 

Michelle Ryan 

Sara Shelsey 

Kate Gormley 

Patty Baltyes 

Chrissy Ostrowski 

Tiffani Villani 

Abby Klima 

Jode-Lynne Solomon 

Laura LeClair 

Heather Finley j/^ 

Brian Lamb ■'•''^""^ 

Brenda Fitypatrick 

Anne Ryberg 

Lexy Gendron 

Kerri Piatt i 

Danielle Flaherty 

Melissa Mills 

Susanne Stonehouse 

Christina Dunn 




la^A jost 



• t • '.^ '.^ '. • %• '.' %' 1 » *.^ •.^*- • "i^ ". • t • ". • ". " 

^ »^ ','.' ',' ". • '. " ^^ '.^'.' *. » 1 ■ '. " '. * t • 1^ ". • •. » ^ • " 

' 'f • ." '^." • .* • .* • ." • .* * .* • .* • .' • .' • «* <^J! •."•." •"••««*•- 

••• • •• » J'' «••»"• ■•*«*" «" • «" • «?•»•,"«•• .•«.*.■ ." • .••»'^ 

•»•'.• ".^ '.^ *. • ". • 1, " ". • '. • *. • '.^ '.• ',* %• *. • *: 

- . • ^ ' •. • '. • t • ^^ '. ■ *- » 1^ *, • ' • t • •- « ", • • »*> • • t • •"•■*•« 

, « «, « «^ . % » «. .», » ». . «, . % » »,, 

• V • .' • ,* • ." •^." '^.•* .* • .■ • ; 

.* » ." « «^ • .' • »* • •• « ," • ." » ,• . 


President and founder: Amand 
Secretary: Sandy Spear 
Treasurer: Corey Berman 

> " » T. - ■ « r _ 

• •.••••■.•••.'•• 


= * *M 

' "i"* "."• I.*' %'* ".'' ".*• "A l*«\*»1L*»"l'»~': 

Rebecca Pearl 
Josie Nielsen 
Jill Spear 
Jon Micheals 
Emily White 
Amy Stevens 

Chrissy Hadayie 
Brendon TuUy 
Marc Sullivan 
Marc Weshler 
Lydia Mehegan 
Julie Roberts 
Kate Kuechler 

Jeff Colket 

Tim Martin; 

Josh Marcus 

Laila DiSilvio 

Lan-Dinh Ngo '^^■•.'^1^5H"-l"n"'\'^;"^V"V'"/';"«;*"\"^:"'V'*>\'^\'^\^^^^ 

Lisa Kerr >'^A">A'*;i>:i>.»;.-^*^-^-^^ 

'''"V>*'.-X«'^y4«>.«*.*.'>^' was enjoyed by all who saw. Many were touched by the intensity of the music and dance as well as the creativity 

>»".«*»«A"* -■ -• -" -'■ 


of the staging. On a lighter note, the club went to "Shear Madness" in November and was left rolling in the aisles. 
The combination of improv and audience participation in the play made it a huge success among "A Night Out" 
members. After a short vacation in December and January, the club will continue to sample from the best plays, 
musicals, Omni-shows and sporting events in Boston. The annual trip to Fenway Park is being planned for the spring. 


deiirey'Colket — President and Chief Litigator (Sr.) 

Joshua Marcus — Master Spiritual Healer and Psychol6§lcaf Wari-iof "T^! 

• ' ." • ." >^." <^! "S • .• ■ 

Jamey Tesler — Political Policy Expert and Military Strategist (Sr.) •'ii,-::::lil'rlil-:l'^^^^^^^^ 

,>\>V'V'The debate club is a forum for students to express and defend their ideas through verbal argument, literary interpretation, 
'/•;.•■; knowledge of current events, and dramatic performance. With the sly con artist tactics passed on to us by our mentor Mr. Haviland, 
,>;.'•;; we, the future lawyers of America, never fail to live up to the high standards of proper debate strategy. The defense of theoretical 
':^/- beliefs we disagree with prepares us to acquit defendants we know are guilty, while the performance of famous dramatic exerpts 
■Vy.-; from Shakespearean masterpieces will enable us to influence juries with unethical, falsely emotional courtroom antics. Over the 
%;t past year, members of the debate club, students who most embody this country's legal system, have developed the skills necessary 
r.V"''. to swindle unsuspecting good natured folk out of pocket change and other small valuables. Our experience on Hingham's debate 



■ ■"■nV**.** 

•■.■..■■.'■.■-.■-.■■..•-.•■.■■-.■-.«■.»-.•■.» ■<■ .. ..■...■...■■. .■ ■■ -• -■ -■ -■ -■ -« -' -« - ..-J.^»-..JL^...--JL--JL^.JL...^-..J.-J-.J-.A-A^.IU-^^ 

S-**^' Sr^ ^:H> r^: **^ «.- « 

AFS Club 

The AFS Club is one of Hingham High 

, School's largest and most active clubs. Our 

T. members are encouraged to learn about 

different cultures through contact with our 

foreign students and by taking the chance 

to live abroad. 

During the year, we conduct many ac- 
tivities, including a ski trip, many parties, 
dinners, barbecues, and the Dance-a-thon, 
which raises money for charity. In the ear- 
ly spring, we sponsor the Short Term Ex- 
change, the high point of the year. We 
travel to a different part of the country 
to stay with another AFS Club for a week. 
Soon after, they will come to stay with 
•^S. our AFSers for a week. This year we trav- 
elled to Lenoir, NC. 

We had a lot of fun this year. Much of 
our success is due to Ms. Gillard, our won- 
derful advisor, and Ms. Perleman, who 
helped us while Ms. G was in Honduras. 
The officer board, which includes Amy 
Rancourt as President, Josh Friedman as 
^, ^..^)'^-t^ VP, Kristen Pini as Treasurer, Amy Rowe 
'^l^^^^^^^^^^^M' ^"^ ^"^'^5^ V^\\\ie as Secretaries, and Amy 
^'^mtl^^f^y^M*^'^ Stevens with PR, thanks all those exec 

board members who dedicated their time 
and effort to make this year one of the 
best. Good luck next year! 




ssa. •^ 


f'^^"'^'' 'l.BlKEi, P. BALTZNER; 'S' BESzfiftCkEY; L' BLA^PIED, s!^%LOWERS, 1 BROWN, H. CALLAHAN, H. CAMPBEtU^. 1:?ANAVAiSr; ^^ 






^ "^ 'ij^tudent Council Officer%, 


• Hi ^ 






i^'^'JSiii'^jKL. /■ M 
















Pres. Suzzanah Carr, Sec. Patty Gilbert, Treas. Bryan Raffetto, VP Dan^^^fi i 

thtautlvinQt shown) .<-. -i.; - t-'. f * » ,_„ ir-K- d^ l 


. ^ 




'w^ y'w^ Wat 1^' ^^ 


^ „^,i|*| 1^;*,! t.'f^%t student CouncirS.f^'^^ft 
^'•i^^The Student Council this year consisted of 63 students from all four grades elected by their peers to serve. Led by the impeccably 
"organized four officers, Susannah Carr, Dan Schrauth, Bryan Raffetto, and Patty Gilbert, each member is assigned to one of four 
committees that meet once a week, and everyone meets together once a month. They are a liason between students and the faculty, 
and organize school wide activities. 

They started the year off by selling postcards to help a terminally ill boy get into the Guiness Book of Worlds Records, and 
organizing the Homecoming and Thanksgiving Pep Rallies and Spirit Week. A highlight was painting the glass hallway for the annual 
Thanksgiving Football Game. They continued sponsoring their foster child, Harry from Haiti, and organized Hingham High's first 
"Fast for World Hunger" Day with Amnesty International. 

In January they bought an acre of Rain Forest in HHS's name and sent an awesome care package to Mr. Caldwell on active 

duty in Spain. They didn't forget the faculty at,hjo: 

Day. -S 

it^hjorne. either, giving the teachers candy bars and Mr. McLeod lunch^xjn Principars 

The Student Council kept going throughout the year. In February they gave away yellow ribbons to remember the soldiers in 
the Persian Gulf and helped everyone celebrate Valentine's Day. Who started the fundraising trend of selling donuts before school? 
Student Council. ^n^' #; W^^^^'^'/^M '^ . . . . a,#^ . . ^.# ^ -jll^; 

All in all, considering ffie cla'ss tlfhe'yoti g^t'^to" miss and the free donuts at meiSfings, Student tZouncil isn't a bad ffSal. 

^ '^'■'M"iW^-W}^M':^ Class Officers ^ 


During the past three years, the class of 1991, has had a variety of class 
^Eiofficers. This class was able to accomplish many more activities than other 
classes in the past years due to the motivation and willingness to help out 
and try anything new. Throughout the three years, the advisors Mr. Holle^-»|| 
and Mr. Worden have helped the class officers achieve anything and do it 
with prestige. During our sophomore year, the four officers Dan, Laura, Tim, 
and Jane were able to raise over seven hundred dollars through candy sales, 
carnation sales and the concession stand at the football games. The following 
year was quite a tough one for Jen, Daina, Tim, and Jane. This was a very 
important year where the must fundraisers were very necessary. They were 
able to raise over 2,000 dollars by just having candy sales, carnation sales, 
bake sales and the Junior Prom. Now the last year is over and a mixture of 
new and old were in office. Diana, Tim, Mark, and Jane helped the Senior 
^' Class have a spectacular year. When the year started, most of the class went 
on a cruise on the Spirit of Boston. They have also sponsored the Snowball 
dance and many candy sales and raised money at the concession stand. Class 
of 1991 . . . what a great class!!! 1^. ?^^'^%|: ^<^ f* ^^ 

■ - - ' - • j^ 




%^r n^^i^.m^^m.^^ 

^ * 


^^ j^""^ Class Officers 
Pres. S. Vanderweil, VP T. Sullivan, Sec. H. Singleton, Treas. J. DeAgazio / 


The 1990-1991 Junior Class led by President Sarah Vander- 
weil, Vice President Tanya Sullivan, Secretary Heidi Singleton 
and Treasurer Julie DeAgazio hoped to make this year the best. 
We started off the year with successful fundraising and increased 
our class spirit with a great wall during spirit week as the year 
progressed. We continued fundraising and planned for the Junior 
Prom with high expectation. With class spirit on the rise, we hope 
to meet the same success ... if not even more next year! 







-VC.'L«'> iM^^rj Cool nerds unite! of Hingham High's top students and leaders joined together in the past year in the 
'^■'J?'^K>^)i'^'f National Honor Society. Selected in their junior or senior years, the members were inducted by candlelight 
p/^','ViV;f3*. at the legendary Plymouth River "Cafetorium" in the fall. From that point on, they met clandestinely once 
'*%f*i''v*''^i'f *-*'' twice a month to, between sips of a high energy beverage, organize community service projects. In 
-TJ..-*.. December they spent an evening at the Higham Mutual Fire Insurance Company phonelines making calls 
for the National Heart Association's telethon. (The rumors that the collected money was invested in the 
plastic pocket protector industry are totally unfounded.) 

In January, they pitted Hingham High Students against the Connecticut Spokebenders in a grueling 
wheelchair basketball game. The skid marks are still evident on the gym floor. 

In an effort to keep their true natures hidden, members were relatively calm serving refreshments at 
Humanities Night in the spring. However, the massive think tank of National Honor Society has more power 
than anyone, including their advisor, Mr. Tierney, realizes. Together they have unlimited potential and are 
merely waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves to an unsuspecting world. 

■'^r CjV.- -.•••■■ 

**«. t.^ '»^» "'ff v c 

The Volunteer Club is a group that ac- 
tively helps the community. Daily, some 
of the club's members deliver food from 
a local restaurant to a homeless shelter 
in Quincy. After just two years, the club 
has delivered thousands of dollars worth 
of food to help feed less fortunate people. 
Weekly, the club visits a nursing home in 
Cohasset. The members play bingo and 
talk with the residents, providing them 
with activities to keep them active and 
young faces to bring smiles to even the 
most melancholy people. 

The club also participates in an annual 
food and can drive and Boston's Walk For 
Hunger. In addition, the volunteers help 
in special projects. Last year, the club 
made a fire safety video entitled "Safety 
Kids." The video has been distributed to 
elementary schools in Hingham and sur- 
rounding communities. 

Thanks to the strong dedication of the 
club's teacher advisor, Mrs. Flaherty, and 
the active members' commitment and 
concern, the club has been a true success 
and asset to the community. 







' •'." •"." ""J" •".' "".*•■ "V " >' 

,.•..•(,1, .,-.■,.% 



r¥l ' ." "V "» • •• • ". • :"■ •/■ :'■ • '• • •••■•« "» ■ •» • •.••.•*." i- s' jL. 

' «" 1 4 , •" i %". ■!,", ." ■, 

• ^»„"" "tt"*^ ■■«»■«" ■«»«"« 

■'.•-,•-,*-,'• '."• •."• •.'• t*^ '. 

,«.,•.,», .» ?.» ;.. .V ijtf,'.} 

- • - . - ^ •"•"••• . . 

, /»•/.• •"," •.•••• "'l^ •> «> • .» .".■ «> .".- ..•.-.... 


•v.. •.-■.-«.. 

. .•• .• . .- . ." . .• . w . .-. .'. ^ . ... .■..■. J-. ,«»,.. ,. 
■ •.'• •-"■ ■/• ".*• "."" ".'■ • ^ • ^ • •« • ". ■ •• • ••"••■ % * %• 


'. • •. •■.••.■•.■•.•".••..•..%.%.•.» •,. ■. < «. . %, '.'. ». . ■,". «.". •.". «,'. •.". •. , ... •. V»." s". ■„,•.'. .7. 
'. « •• ■ ■, > s . % . •. • ". • V . ■. • •. *', ••.••.•%»•,.»,.",.•..•,» 1^ .■.....■, . \ . \', '.; «.'. «.". •, . ..v-.". 

- . - V" V« V» *."• ". • V". V» "."• ■•"• ". "• V • ••". ■, » %■. 'S't-'S'S*^' 


■_■■_•«..■<(_«». oS.m wit ».» ^m _■ ^« »> ^•_«(T_iiT.. ■_»"^T. ■"•"»"■■ — "-"o." 

i1' *."^ *.■■ ".'■ ".'■ •."• '.'''''"S^ 


•."•."•." • V » «• . .« . .• 


"a* «!«"«i»"-ii''^.«*L» *■»_■«_.■«. .« .« _• "■ •■ ■ - ■ . ■ _ 



lit* ' ' . 'J 

■'fill -i.'W 


■ .-A a 

"H/,-'' ■••'••' ""n»"* "'"^*.' h< » 

"i^'' v'v ;;\ ^" n u. 

•f( ,,- ,. -. ,. ..-•J^, ".. l»i»«. » >.. Wf J> •<» »• . i« ..,4, .1. ' ■ ' . » '•Sill 

>*' "'<'''*'■' I'vJazz Band in 91' is back and better than ever. The group is comprised *V^'*^' 

,.«• ,V 111* • .,„ ,^(«» ' 

'■m » iii. ,v ^ .-*«V' ■'''''.'*- boy with soul" Brandenberg, Dave "I would" Edson, Bill "Check out the 

' ''' of many returning players, and 2nd year conductor, Mr. Mclentic is back 
- . as well. The veterans include Doug "Groovin" Colclough, Jason "White 

■it OlK 

y. t 

v\* ' 


boxers" Ramsey, Will "I'm not really in band" Bergeren, Patty "Solo 
■;.v»'«"">^ \.rsister of Soul" Gilbert, and Alex "Alek" Duff. New players filling new '^ ^*>*"'C 4 «.*»>■* '*^"'"^ 

<!nnt<; arp .Inn Prainp Tnm Rnha C.r^rcVma "That oirl ran hinu;" David * \... .-' -v*^ l,.,»w«„# 

'»§ ,•5' 

spots are Jon Craine, Tom Buba, Caroline "That girl can blow" David, *\sms 
Joe "Yes, I'm his brother" Colclough, Mark "Jason wannabe" Osier, Mark \ 'jj^^ 

Sullivan, and funking out in the rhythm section is: Dave "I've never done 

"\^'> "•.-, »v 

•Ml «•» 

/;..* «.'^ v<--\ ,,, »'»« Both competitions v 

ompetitions will take place this spring, so drop by for some great 

4^.,\ >«■•■. 

1' V* ■•;.„.*«: ;\.^v^- .. 

■^:r"-V>'-''* '">w/'«t', 

.»-" ."". 



^^. ^• 

5 . 



r.x .. 

'\'>^*lf> ^\.»«t' '; *^: 



iitn .,„t^ .« „«<* , 


M< «• 


'..■>' '«t 1 

>\ '*".'•■■ ■'' '"lit",. 



*•*■ , 

"<»■ .«1« 




- ^'A 

The Hingham High School Chorus, under the 
direction of Dr. Paul Cappers, had a very 
successful and rewarding year. They worked 
all fall to prepare one of Handel's major 
works, Judas Maccabaeus which they per- 
formed in December. The senior soloists were 
Sara Beszterczey, Rebecca Cappers, and 
Patty Gilbert. The senior accompanists were 
Susannah Carr and Lynn Haddad. The cho- 
rus also received a rare chance this year to 
participate in a foreign exchange with an 
Italian chorus from Trento, Italy. The chorus 
began the beginning of the year planning fun- 
draisers and meetings to prepare for the Ital- 
ian students to come to Hingham in March 
and for the Hingham students to travel to 
haly during April vacation. The trip was ide- 
al for it offered the chorus the chance to 
experience the home life of a different cul-. 
ture, to sight see in Venice, and above all, 
to sing. Next year the chorus will miss this 
year's talented seniors: Sara Beszterczey, 
Rebecca Cappers, Susannah Carr, Lynnette 
Condito, Dave Edson, Patty Gilbert, Lynn 
Haddad, Mike Kilborn, Shannon Mortland, 
and Jen Young.'* »>. 


The Choral Spectrum is a select group of 
Sixteen Singers chosen by audition. Even 
though they are primarily a madrigal group, 
the group performs a variety of music at 
school concerts and at their own concert in 
the spring. The group was featured at the 
Tri-County Chorus Festivjil in January and 

r^ two of its members were given All- State "' ^ ^^^.^^^X^* 
• '^ recommendations, Patty Gilbert (senior) and"^ 

j-ii Peter Cappers (sophomore). 

^^^T^Cto V"^ *1^ ^ff- ^" lift, f^^ "^ wf' ^ T^)v' 'i]K^*«'' ^l# "-^ L * s£j« •. -^i ■ ■ ^f^-"- ■" 


esid^fit: Jennifer Young 
Vice President: Alison Pereto 
Treasurer: Amy Poindexter 
Secretary: Holly Vandewall'^^;'-^ 
Stagehead: Kenny Larracey 

^..^■''■i^ -l\s4^^ li^Si ,--..-...-- . .^- ^ 

if^ The high school' orchestf a is^directed by'Ws. Jan^' Hai'lef:' She has been doing a 
wonderful job keeping the spirits and the group together. This past year the orchestra, 
chorus and band had three successful fundraisers to raise money for our trip to 
Williamsburg, VA. During April 25-28 with the Band for competition, the first fund 
raiser which was the fruit sale took place in December. We had tons of fun and raised 
loads of money. The second fund raiser, the raffle in November (made up by Mrs. 
Maloney and her daughter Meg, a member of the orchestra) was also very successf 
The third fund raiser was the star-share which took place January 15-17 and 29-3. 
Also, on January 5th a Junior and Senior District audition took place, where Jr. 
District Abby Klima and Sr. District Amy Marie captured spots . . . .CONGRATS to 
both! On January 19, Semsba took place (another audition) in Randolph. The people 
ho made it were Jennifer Young, Alison Pereto, Amy Poindexter, Josie Mielsen, 
Abby Klima, Kim Linscott, Jodi-Lynn Solomon, Alison McCabe and Loren McCallister. 
Congratulations to all. Our all town concert was held in the High School Cafeteria 
and took place on January 31, 1991 at 7:30 p.m.,It was a BIG TURNOUT! Grades 

three and up participated in it. AIT jcJtig^|s sp4sd;, with, ,t 
there" from The American Tale. ^^^^^^^'^ 

somewhere out 

MediaMan Smith 

Yearbook Slave STU Maclntyre 

Our Friend "Molly" 

Advisor Mr. Tierney 

•'■ *4*«i./ ■ 



. ■ 






1^ . 

The Christmas "we're so DEAD- 

The Mona Lisa in the 
background is symbol- 
ic of the artwork and 
genuine ingenuity that 
this yearbook truly 
embodies and radiates 
both to you and to the 
rest of the world for 
1991 and millenniums 
to come. Thank you 
Mona for the inspira- 



piciture of 

Notice a picture of Boston. This represents the FINAL DEADLINE. 
Why? Notice you don't see a blue 1984 Oidsmobile. That's because 
this was taken at 6:30 p.m. Don't see the connection? Don't worry 
about it. Thanks Goldberg for txuo trips into Boston and some fine 
black bean stuff in a dish with noodles. 


Now some Thank You's: 
Thank You to Mr. Carpenter for 
the house and supplies; to Media- 
man for the den and passes, etc.; 
to Nobles, especially Janet; to the 
Chilis, Bob Marley, J.T., Rush 
Zep, Aerosmlth, Edie Brickell and 
the N.B's, Pink Floyd, CS & N, 
Living Color, Steve Miller, ZLX, 
BCN, CGY, the scan button, and 
24 hr. broadcasting; to all the 
teachers for the pics, quotes, and 
patience; to Herff Jones our most 
favorite yearbook company in the 
universe (we hereby name our 
firstborn son In your honor); to our 
parents for creating us; to recom- 
binant DNA; to Mr. and Mrs. Tier- 
ney; and of course to all of you 
in the Class of 1991 for existing. 

'e fjope^^o \^ \^1 

^L A ♦ 




Harvard Book Award 


Brown Book Aw; 

Suzannah Carr 

Dartmouth Bood Award 

Amanda Sutton 





(Smnmir Pircsinni 11S)S)(D) 

f*""'" " ~ "-^b^ 







«M«^^^ ^^^^^^^^H 







% '1 



i J 



,' ,,M 



k ^ 

■ ^ 1 



']" V 


King and Queen: John Thome and Jane Samorgedalis 



^^^^^^^^^^^Hp^ /«- 

4 -^^^^^^^^H 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ M 


^^^^^^V ' MfSBgjk^. ^^t^^^^' '-'^^^^^\ ^k 

^^^v '"'"-'•m^^^gggfgj^ y^^^^^^^B^^^^l^^^lsHI^^^^^S^lBBHni 

r^lic B 



This is no big deal . 

AAAH! The needle!! 




lil.3^ %m 



HII^H|H| WBgM ^Bf!^ ■■■ ^HHi BniH ■■■■ 
■■i iiliiiyi iflHi riiiHiJk ^Sli 4- • v^ JKKtk flH 





- •''-^VV 



• i^ijf 



























— •.•fl\l 




jWi t 

^ \^fe * 





*^ V 






















\ v^ 


• »0..J 



=,10 w 

r> A 


















Y\l LAg" 


''^Mr/rAs Head ol- 



•'--■■ f, if. 


(Dlni(0)®li #X(dlinfiiflimii 

o o 








Superintendant, Mr. Lewis Ernst 

The Class of 1991 would like to wish Mr. Ernst the best of luck in the Future. Thank 
you for doing such a terrific job as superintendent. We hope that you're retirement is 
as enjoyable as your years here have been. Thank-you especially for all the snow days!!! 

Assistant Superintendent, 
Mr. Robert Novelli 



»,•-. ("■'T' 

Mr. Richard 





Mr. Michael Donnell 


%. '-<>v 





Mrs, Denise Walsh 

Mr. Scott E. Burke 




Mr. Cyrus Cominos 

> I' 



Mrs. Nancy Gustafson 

^^ mm 


"' ' ^ 



*>* ^1 




Ms. Jane Smith 

fci .' 


Mr Roy Smith 

uil (oiui 


V-': M 



Ms. Meredith Gordon 

Mr. Jack Kennedy 

Mr. Russell Clinton 

lMM iy| M^TrJMMiMKJili^ 


« • 





■.■! ■ ■'■-> 

: » -If W««t '• 

•.;:•■;•••• T''' 

Mr. Richard Lawrence, 

Mr. Rogie Bodie 

Mr. Joseph Ryan 

Left; Mr. Maynard Johnson 






Mrs. Jane Ellis 

Mr. Charles Geary 


^|tfUM^N '^^ 




£?%>"- >V;>. 

Mrs. Virqinia Hansell 

Mrs. Diana Sides 


Mrs. Elizabeth Ruggiero 

^^rar*v -.i'rra^ ■;■''■' • ■ il.^_hJ i 

'J 1 ■ 

^^^^bl!F^' d^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^lk 


— ^_^_ 














Mrs. Sharon Kimball 



Mrs. Melanie Winchester 




Mr. Arthur Cadel 

Mrs. Joan Linnehan 




. 1, ' 



Mr. Roger McClentic 
Dept. Head & Band 

Mr. Gerard Bliss 

Mr. Paul Cappers 

Mrs. Jane Hailett 

Mr. John Higgins 








Mrs. Julie Tuite 

Mrs. Gale Nutter 





Mrs Cathv Walsh 













^". ,w , -^ 

Mrs. Dorothy Galo — Chair-person 

Mr. Craig Lc 

IP ' 



Ms. Claudia Leone 

<\ J 

Mr. Paul Manganello 

Mrs. Patricia Tierney 



Mr. William Larson 




Ms. Dorothy Stoehr 




Mr. Mark Worden 




■ .-^ 4-'^,.-Vi>;.7'!<.l...o''.^?« 






Mr. Douglas Holley 

Mr. Stephen Baisden 

Mr. Steven Olson "^ 



Mrs. Barbara Berlucci 


Mr. Gordon Bates 

i| r 

Mr. Richmond Poole 



Mr. John Dinga 

Mr. John Penny 



Mrs. Anne Marks 


Mr. Peter Lincoln 






Mr. Russell Garland 

• X 

Mr. Jack Crowley 



Mr. Robert Magner 

right: Mr. Charles Dirk 









Ms. Iris Gillard 






Mr. LeClerc, Department Head 

Mr. Richard Jensen 


Mr. Edward Schreider 

Mr. Stephen Herrmann 

Ms. Tamara Perelman 

'4 J 




Mr David Lacatell 

Mr. Paul Abrahamson 


Mr. Harwood Bailey 

right: Mr James Kirkaldy 







Mrs. Helaine Silva 


¥_■■■ ^•*-- •?+,. ■ 



* 'i J L^< >*' 

Mr. Charles Ozug 


Mr, Ronald Goba, Department Head 





Mrs. Barbara Finnegan 

Ms. Suzanne Smith 

Mr. Fred Jewett 



I ^ ^ f< 



1011 -10 56 



^^^H^^^^H '^^ ^vffff^^^^H 

• 'is '-: 






n5-20G ^^M 



Im ^^^H|^^tf 

^^^^^^6^^. i>^^^SH|r~j 


^H l^^B^^'^^^ 




i ;/» 



Mr. Frank Tierney 

Mrs. Alice Higgins 

t I 

Mrs. Marie Bernard 

V^> (»s 


Mrs. Susan Luce 



f 1 

Mr. James Haviland 

left; Mrs Anna Rehnquist 



Ms. Linda Mazzella 

Mr. John Nionakis, Department 



'tv .^ ^ 

Mr. Douglas Ryan 

Mr. Michael Mulry 


©, ■"" ~' "a 


Ms. Linda Rosenberg 


jt>a b0btd»* 


Ms. Elaine Slatkavich 





Mrs. Lyne Flaherty 


Mrs. Judith Rielly 

Mr. Charles Finn 


Thank-You for your 
help with college ap- 
plications! Class of '91 


► * . *• 

► * » .■ «»• 


* 4 

4 t ♦- 

i i4| 


Mrs. Karin Hewitt/Guidance 

Mrs. Martha Robinson/Guidance 


Mrs. Charlotte Falvey/Vice-Principal assistant 

Mrs. Betty Howlctt/Vice Principal assistant 


*.^ -S*^ 



Mrs, Judy Mitchelle/Office 

Mrs. Karin Herman/Office 





On left — Mr. Alfred Sfiaw — Head Custodian 

1' •s.^Jl 




^i^t oriass laaui of laai 

^ene^ Cea^/^ t^ie^^ ite^tt^ (^ t^ fr&u»H>A i*t<Uc<Ued. 

Laura lorio: pens to the whole senior class; to MM Flaherty 
and what I should do. 

a singing voice; to anybody — knowing where I should be 

Ryan O'Connell: To the underclassmen I leave you this little bit of advice: move. 

Destiny O'Brien: To the Sugar Hill Gang — A new set of Heinous Anus' to hang out with. 

Heather Madigan: Siobhan and Allsun — a wave and many laughs. 

Pam Martin: To Mr. Worden, I give you someone who can do geometry. 

Jeff Colket: To Tesler — a cheaper lemon; To Kidston — scissors. 

Lan Din Ngo: To my boys — a cure for white man's disease. To my teachers — I'm leaving 
To all who follow — the desire and ability to succeed. 

what more do you want? 

Tim McHardy: I'll leave some of my artistic talent to my freshman brother. 

Sarah Maynard: To Ms. Leone — an entire class of amazing FEMALE mathematical geniuses. 

Jennifer Watkins: To Sara D. - - May your next three years be the best. To Karen and Sarah — Have a Great Senior Year! 

Amanda Sutton: To Mrs. Reilly — Tickets on the first floor of the theater. 

Jane Samargedalis: HC — some shoes; DO — a bra, socks; JC — saltines, cotton; JK — lifetime membership to Webb's; 
JS — a car; KH — Capris; SO — a cute boyfriend; HK — Axel Rose; BH — a license; MH — call waiting. 

Anne Saleh: To the B.L. Crew — a never ending party. 

Katherine Reimold: Ray, Congratulations! The Fairmont is yours! 

Amy Pitcher: To the future classes of HHS — a good safe place to party. 

Maureen Regan: To Mr. Lowe — a National Rhombus Day! 

Nicole Lehane: Good Luck class of 92"! 

Julie Mahoney: I give Hymie the gas guzzling, rusty Oldsmobile. 

Amy Carpenter: To Dad — all of your tapes. To BQF I give a brand new medallion. Mr. Worden — a painted wall. To Mr. 
Bailey — a circus. To Class of 93' and 97' — a ton of FUN. 

Kara Holleran: Dan — an empty house. Brendan — good times to come! 

Brodie Holmen: I give my books to the underclassmen. 

Mark Goldberg: To Mr. Bliss I leave a bowl of chicken-black bean sauce-soft noodle-in a bowl. To Mrs. Rielley I leave my pet 
mouse. To Mom and Dad I leave a quiet house. 

Karen Hatfield: To Hingham High I leave some school spirit. 

Denny Haff: I leave my cigarette lighter to K-Bab. 


Pamela Hall: I leave Amy my car. 

Charlie Oliviero; Divide my sports stuff among the street hockey crew of Sunset Lane. 

Matt Pierce: To Dirk — Old Bo and a neck. To Mr. Tierney — sanity. 
To Jeff — an id. 

Beth Kelley: Katie — Wolley Wagon, Jen — Brigham's, Carolyn — my algebra grades, Hingham Dump — all my college 

Mike Kilborn: Good luck to my little sister and everyone in AFS, Drama Club, and Chorus. 

James Kidston: My last words — Freewill and Freedom of Thought. 

Carolyn Keaveny: 1 leave the school to all the future kiddos. 

Scott Gordon: I'll give my everything, to someone . . . with NOTHING! 

Tara Welsh: To the WBA some "luggage" and to M.G. a buyer for your house. 

David Gardner: I wish health, wealth, and happiness to all. 

Michelle Friedland: To Mr. Bailey — a double cheeseburger. 

Melissa Foley: To Mr. Baisden - a sense of humor. 

Dave Fahy: To everyone — a day off in honor of my birthday. 

Kim McDonald: I leave everything to Tara and to Mike B. I leave my shamrock. 

Carolyn Fahie: To Ray R. — The ability to mooch. A new tie for Mr. Geary. 

Moira McCarthy Egan: To my parents I leave my eternal love and gratitude. I love you always! 

Dave Edson: To "Stan" Higgins — proof of a wife. Me — a woman. 

Frank DeRubeis: To Nagle a senior F-Ball season and to Hingham Football — "PRIDE". 

Michelle Davis: To my friends I leave the love and support that you have given to me. 

Lynnette Condito: I will my sense of humor/adventure/spontaneity to all who wish for it! 

Heather Connors: To Jane — I leave you my jewelry. 

Eileen Connolly: Tim, Rick, Eric, & Tom = boat. Kara = jean shorts Sara = my cats. 

Amy Crowell: To Corey, I give my equal intelligence. 

Susan Cannon: To Kerny — a big kick! 

Kim Berry: To D.M. — another point of the game of the set of the match. To K.C. — another tongue. 

Rebecca Cappers: I, Rebecca Cappers, being of sound mind and body do hereby leave my quotes to AR, my knees to AD 
and JF, and my fish to CT. 

Kerrin Campbell: To Kim — a bigger bed; Danielle — "perfect" clothes; Lauren — satisfaction. 

Kim Bray: Success to the Class of 2003! To Heather — JK! 

Meg Brackley: To J.M. — piggies; S.M. — Tucky; L.M.B. — a new name. To Mom and Dad — Theo(?) 

Corey Berman: I leave Mr. Geary with stock in transparencies. 

Amy Carpenter: To Mr. A. Smith — a truckload of hairnets, muffins, and cranberry juices. You can have all the film too. 

Joe Beaulieu: To Mr. Tierney, I leave you all of my Champion sweatshirts. 

Sandi Spear: To my stuffed animals to Brenda, "shell", and Eric. 

Tim Reardon: To everybody — I leave a clue. 

Mark Cotsonas: Appreciation. 






Kiss me baby . . 

Hey Mon, give me some answers 

Hi Sweet baby, I'm Evy G. 

Calling all cars . . . Flipper's been stolen! 

I'd do anything for a good grade 

My horoscope says that I'm gonna meet a hot & Sexy guy today! 

Would you mess with these Mechanics? 


Ian . . . you're my hero! 

Matt Pierce envies the kids on page 182. 




All hail the trig team! 

'Tki(iOk6t1fLTt<'r- v.. GjLCtiJLi// 





Last Weekend? 


So what's brewin' WITCH? 


Bet you can't guess what I just did 






Here at Hingham High school, membership has it's privileges But, only if your a Senior. That's right, 
after 3 years of the day-long struggle to 2:00, Seniors are able to leave the school premises without 
a life sentence to the detention hall. 

Oooh looi< at all my tasty goodies . 





^ Tory Allan — Thank-you Mom, Dad, "T", Tuck, Grandpa + Grandma. Thank-you Alex for always being there. Thank-you ^ 

'Z Katy for being my best friend. 'A 

^ Sam Barry — Thanks for everything Mom + Dad, Thanks Katie and Lizie for putting up with me. ^ 

^ Joe Beaulieu — Thanks to friends and family; especially my Dad. ^ 



^ Corey Herman — Thanks to Amy, Meghan, and everyone else who was ever there for me! You know who you are! % 



^ Kim Berry — Thanks to all my friends + family, fire extinguishers, Carpet Fresh, The morning after w/Kerrin, The Cape and ^ 

^ Collin's homeroom companionship. vk 

^ Allison Bonnyman — Thank-you Mom, Dad, Leslie, Kevin and Scott for being there when I really needed your support. ^ 

^ Meg Brackley — Thanks for putting up with me Mom and Dad, I know is has always been easy. Chip remember you're Q- % 



^ Kim Bray — Thanks Mom and Dad! QQQQ!!! Caitlin, I can't say it all in 135 letters, but I'm sure you know! Good luck ^ 

I S+H! I 

^ Mike Brennan — Thank you Mom and Dad, The stooges and all my buds, be excellent to each other! Hingham High Hockey ^ 

^ Amy Crowell — Thanks Corey for "going with the flow" with me. Thanks Ryan for being you. Thanks Pam for always listening ^ 

^ Jody Crawford — Thank you to LANCE, Mr. Know it all. Sugar Hill, Jane. ^ 

^ Eileen Connolly — Thanks to Mr. T for teaching me about life, Mr. McCloud for being there when my mom went to the ^ 


^ hospital, Mr. Jenson for gum, and most of all THANKS Mom! ^ 

^ Lynnette Condito — Thanx Mr. Jewett, Abe, M,D,J,L Buddha, Mikey, Kirk, ALL DRAMA GODESSES, Mr. Higgins family. | 

^ Jeff Colket — Thank you Mom, Dad and all my friends. ^ 

Ya ^ 

^ Heather Connors — Travis: Thank you for all the wonderful memories and advice, I love you. ^ 

p Michelle Davis — Lynette, Michelle & Dave, Face&Peggy, the peer group, the drama club, my parents, teachers and others ^ 

^ who have touched my life! ^ 

I i 

^ Frank DeRubeis — Thanx to JAH, Danielle, Nages, V, Shmitty, Man, Leah, pres. — Jane, everyone else and M + D. ^ 

^ Laila Di Silvo — You've always been there for me: Mom, Dad, Cesa, Renzo, Barutcuis, Team and all my friends. I love you ^ 

% guys. Thanks for everything. ^ 

^ Dave Edson — Thanks to everyone I spoke to about it, God, musical influences. Mom, Dad, Sarah, SRV + DT, E.C, Stan, :^ 

^ teachers and anything or one that just made me smile. P 

^ Carolyn Fahie — Thanks to my Mom, Claire and Cathy. All my friends - - I will not forget you. ^ 

p Moira McCarthy-Egan — Thanks Mom, Dad, Meg, Molly, Erin, Kristen, God, Kelley, Maureen, Trisha, Jack, Jenn S., Shannon, ^ 

^ ^r\r\\T:A \Ar\n Ti/oK Flic^m/^ f ^ v-/-\1t i»-> 7 r\n -^r-i*-! D-^rY» ^ 

^ Sonya, Moe, Deb, Diane, Carolyn, Zoe and Pam. ^ 

p Dave Fahy — Thanks to my family, my friends, the Saleh's and esp. Amy — for being part of my life. ^ 

% Debra Fillmore — Thanx Dave, you've been a great friend, I really miss being able to talk to you. I can't wait for you to ^ 
^ come back to the US. ^ 


^ Diane Fillmore — Thanx Dave, you have shown me what the meaning of love is, I'll always Love You. CL, I hope you know ^ 

^ that I'll always be there for you. ^ 

^ Melissa Foley — Thanx Mom & Dad, K.H., S.6 for always being there, thanx to my sisters for making me try harder. ^ 

^ Janese Free — Thanks to my parents; to N2, Danny, Susan, for the happiness; to Chris for caring; to Anne, Nif, Joyce & ^ 

^ ii^iicioiA 1 vy.^y inuii/^. 1.1.J1II ui. i^uu, IV. 11., ^.w lUl Cliwuyo UTL-iiiy un^i^. Liiuiiy^ lv^ my ciol.^i.j ivyi iwiAiwiy w.v, ..^ y w^.^^.. ^ 

^ Janese Free — Thanks to my parents; to N2, Danny, Susan, for the happiness; to Chris for caring; to Anne, Nif, Joyce & ^ 
^ Don, and my special friends. ^ 



^/ia^ <f<M^. ^^^ut^ ^aic. 7<^«^ 7^a<t. 


^ Michelle Friedland — "I got by with a little help from my friends." Thanks Dave, Lynn, Belva, Rob, Jen. Also, thanks to % 
I I Goba, Silva, Abe. ^ 

^ Meg Galvin — Thanx T.W., J.W + J.W — Mom + Tara — I love you — Dave — always there — W.B.A — all of you have ^ 



^ helped alot. % 


^ David Gardner — Thanks Jen C. — for caring, Lynn C. — for all the fun, M.D. - - for being there, M.F. — for keeping me % 

^ a kid. Peg R. — for the calls, Tim W. — for being film buddy. % 

^ V 

^ Scott Gordon — Thanx Mom and Nana For Everything you've done for me! l.LY (F.I.D.O.) ^ 

^ Peter Guerrant — Thanks everyone, for everything, that was done everywhere in every weather condition at any time ... ^ 

^ too many to count. :^ 

V P 

^ Pamela Hall — Thank-you to my friends ^ 

'p. Denny Haff — Thank God that I'm out of here. % 

y ^ 

^ Karin Hatfield — Thank you Mom + Dad for giving me an extra push. Special Thanks to Steph + Melissa my two best friends ^ 

:^ I wish you the best. -^ 

y , y< 

y Brodie Holmen — Thanks to the people who were nice to me, and those who were not, well that's your fault! ::^/ 

^ Kara Holleran — Thank You Mom, Dad, Papa, aunts, uncles, cousins (Jules), friends who have been there for me. And the % 

^ CA, TH for never letting me forget. ^ 

y , . y/ 

/k Zoe Hollywood — Thank you Mom & Dad and Chris for everything. Thank you to my friends for fun and Thank you to Matt |^ 

7/ for love. % 

^ i- 

y Brett Hughes — Thank you Mom and Dad. '4i 

y y 

^ Laura lorio — Thank you Mom, Dad, Ad, Beth (for waking me up) Teddy and Matt for putting up with me even when I y 

^ could not put up with myself. Thanks God for Fridays. -^ 

y '■/■ 

y y 

^ Stephanie Jordan — Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your support. Vanzetti for "helping me on my Math." OBNO — MASC |^ 

^ for helping me "Hold on." ^; 

f Carolyn Keavney — Thanx M, M, J, J, D, M.R., S.F., D.F2, D.H., M.G, T.A, W.H, M.E, J.D, COB, EA, JH, SM, AL, LM, | 

I MF, JC, LC2, teachers. Class of 91 — i;^ 


y James Kidston — Thanks one and all for your pettyness and depth, stupidity and wit, and amoral morality. y 

y ^ 

^ Mike Kilborn — Thanks God, Mom, Dad, E and everyone who made highschool the time of my life. y 



^ Beth Kelley — Thank you family, friends and teachers ^ 

y Lynne Laplante — Thanks Mom, for always being there and for your good advice, thanks Gramp for making me your "doll" ^ 

y and thanks Dad for the advice. ^ 

y y 

y Nicole Lehane — Thanks to all my friends and family for supporting me through it all. y 

y ^ 

^ Julie Mahoney — Gee Thanks — Mom, Dad, Chris, Kate, Bill, Tom, Hymie and Trish. ^ 

y y 

^ Pam Martin — Thanks to MA + PA G., MA M., Nicole, Jen C + W, Flynns, Berra, Fawcetts, Merrills, Barbara G., Mr. Worden, f 

^ M, D+ J.J., and the Senior class. y 

y y 

y Heather Madigan — Thanks Ian and the Hingham force for that great night on Sept. 28 and for those followings. Weeks of ^ 

^ get to know my house. -^ 


^ Sarah Maynard — Brian, thanx for teaching me so much about love and life and for all the firsts. Nikki, thanx for being a :^ 

4y little sis. ^ 

y I 

y Tim McCardy — I want to thank my mother for forcing me to work hard these past four years and for helping me out while y 

^ applying to college. '^ 

^ I 

y Shannon Mortland — Thanks to Mom, Dad, all my friends, Lynne, Amy, Moira, Meg, Sarah, Diana, Eileen, Kara, Sara and y 

y all the teachers that have at least taught me something. % 


y y 

^ Diane Needham — Thank you to all my friends who made my high school years so memorable. y 


p i 


"7^^^ *l^acc. ^^ia^ *^&cc. '7^^ut^ ^(M'. 






Colleen Norton — Thanks Mum and Dad, PATS, Nel, Crap, Dav and Heen. ^ 

P , I 

^ Destiny O'Brien — Thanx Mom and Dad, Bob, Skip and Lesley and Morgan. I love you! ^ 

^ Ryan O'Connell — Thanks again to Mom & Dad, Neldog, Mr. Tierney, Gil, Dom & Dave. Thanks Amy. And, Thanks to All ^ 

^ who were cool to me. Thanks Louie. Charlie Oliviero — I would like to thank the students of H.H.S. for making my years ^ 

^ here rememberable. ^ 

^ Diana Paulik — Thanks Mom, Dad, Mike, Brandt, Kelly, friends from NJ, LBI Crew + all my "pals" in Hingham! ^ 

^ Maureen Regan — Thanks to all my friends who have been there for me. Always remember the good times. I love you all. v/ 

^ "Let the good times roll." ^ 


^ Matt Pierce — Thanx Mom for birth and opportunity. Thanx Zoe for love, inspiration and escape. And thanx to all the old ^ 

^ beans for being good pals. ^ 

^ Amy Pitcher — Mom & Dad, I couldn't ask for anything more, yout the best! David thank you for just being you. And to ^ 
^ my incredible friends; Thanks! ^ 

^ Katherine Reimold — Thanks to Mom, Dad, Ray & Liz . . . You guys are the greatest!!! ^ 

^ Anne Saleh — Thanks Mom, Dad & Yaz for all your support, my three brothers — Skippy Dave, Tony & the best for last ^ 

^ — the B.L crew — you guys are one of a kind! ^ 

^ Jane Samargedelis — Mr. H & Mr. W for 3 great years! Jodi, Destiny, Heather — Love you guys! Sugar Hill the laughs — ^ 

^ Great friends! Beth — 7 yrs. we did it thanxs for everything. Love you All! Toby, thanks for helping me. MH — the talks ^ 


^ + laughs at me! Class of 1991 — Thank you for having faith in me! HHS Staff — Hope I did not bother you too much! ^ 

'^ Thank you for all the help! ^ 

i I 

^ Catherine Savini — Thanks to the Marsh — Jillian, Meg, Bob, Mark + Ed, HHS friends. Thanks to Canoli, Jack (D) and ^ 

^ Mom and Dad — I love you. ^ 

^ uou! i 

^ Lisa Schirmer — Thanks to my friends who were always there for me. And thanks Mom + Dad would have made it without ^ 

^ Sandi Spear — Thank you to God, my sister, my parents and my friends. Without God's guidance and the support of all of ^ 
^ you, I would have never made it! ^ 

^ Amanda Sutton — Thanks to my parents and all the friends that have made it possible. % 

^ Jennifer Watkins — Thanks Mom and dad for being supportive. Friends for always being there. Greg for being so sweet and ^ 

^ caring. ^ 

V, ly^-iUl \I7_IJ T> 1 1.1 , , 1 I , 1 I , , r ... . . .. .... 'V. 

^ caring. | 

^ Kathleen Waldren — I'd like to thank the cheerleaders for making the seasons memorable. Thanx to all my friends who have ^ 

^ helped me through the years. Thanks Mom & Dad! P 

^ Veronica White — Thanx Dad for staying by me and helping me during the college process, I will never forget all the hard ^ 

^ work you put in — Mom, Thanx for showing me the world and helping me to appreciate other cultures. Thank you to all my ^ 

^ teachers who have helped me to discover what learning is really all about. ^ 

^ Jennifer Young — Thanx Mom & Dad, Love you, Thanx Eric for loving me/ Mark thanx for being there when I needed you ^ 

d Thanx to all my friends and their rides home, RGE. ^ 

^ Tim Reardon: Thank you A. A. Milne, Doctor Seuss, Beatrix Potter, Robert McLoskey, Antoine St. Exuprey, Mark Twain. ^ 

^ Mark Cotsonas: Thank you Mom, Dad, and all my friends. ^ 

^ Elizabeth Blampied: Thank you Sarah, Kim, Kate, Catherine, and Catherine. ^ 

^ Susannah Carr: Thanks to all my friends for the fun times all my teachers for their help. ^ 

^ Amy Carpenter: Thanks to my entire Family, my friends (esp. Mark and Zoe), my teachers, Mrs. Gb for college, and of course ^ 

^ to V, Goldberg, Corey, the YB Slave, MM, and the staff for all the help, especially at those ohsofun deadlines. ^ 

^ Amy Carpenter: Thanks to my entire Family, my friends (esp. Mark and Zoe), my teachers, Mrs. Gb for college, and of course ^ 

^ to V, Goldberg, Corey, the YB Slave, MM, and the staff for all the help, especially at those ohsofun deadlines. ^ 

^ Mark Goldberg: Thanks to all my teachers and friends, and especially my family for helping me through highschool successfully. ^ 

I Good luck Class of 91. | 



% Robin Vogel: Thank you Mom and Dad. ^ 


Sv/ke ^£ i^OD 'Et In Tm (jerns? 

Sandi Spear: Smiling with a tear in my eye. 

Kim Bray: At our class reunion. 

Corey Berman: Married, wealthy CPA. 

Kim Berry: Having the time of my life. 

Amy Crowell: Teaching and/or married with one kid. 

Lynnette Condito: Alive! 

Michelle Davis: Trying to be happy and successful! 

Frank DeRubeis: Away, being a physical therapist. 

Dave Edson; 10 years to the second? On Stage. 

Carolyn Fahie: Still moochig a ride with people. 

Laura lorio: Anywhere I care to be! 

Ryan O'Connell: Rich or in debt. 

Destiny O'Brien: Daydreaming about Hingham High. 

Pam Martin: I will be 27 in ten years. 

Jeff Colket: Returning from travels of the world. 

Lan-Dihn Ngo: Jumping out of airplanes. 

Tim McHardy: Owner of an architectural firm. 

Sarah Maynard: Anywhere but here! 

Jennifer Watkins: Elementary school teacher. 

Jane Samargedlis: Relaxing! Owning a clothing store $! — Maybe in California! 

Anne Saieh: Healthy, wealthy, and wise. 

Katherine Reimold: Playing first base for the Red Sox. 

Mauren Regan: Somewhere! 

Nicole Lehane: Happy (with a red Saab convertible). 

Julie Mahoney: Warming up the oldsmobile. 

Amy Carpenter: Quite happy and drinking apple juice in a sailboat off the 

coast of Saba. 
Mark Goldberg: Eating a burrito on some late-night talkshow. 
Brodie Holmen: DJ in Los Angeles, California. 
Denny Haff: Living in the Bahamas. 
Karen Hatfield: Rich living in Beverly Hills. 
Charlie Oliviero: I'll be managing my own business. 
Michelle Friedland: Insane Asylum. 

David Gardner: Movie production set — making movies. 

Scott Gordon: "Always on the road, to the destination of success!" 

James Kidson: Speak the Word . . . (HEH!) 

Mike Kilborn: New York Studio Apartment. 

Beth Kelley: Driving a quality car, a nurse, far away from home, laying in 
the sun in January, looking back and laughing, married, considering chil- 

Pete Guerrant: Probably the USMC, but call me. 

Matt Pierce: On tour — On the radio — On the tube. 

Kathleen Waldron: I will have my own psychiatrist office. 

Dave Fahy: Door to Door toaster Salesman, 

Heather Connors: Australia (the Great Barrier Reef). 

Diane Fillmore: Around. 

Debra Fillmore: Hopefully in a relationship, and a good job. 

Meg Galvin: Working, earning millions of dollars. 

Robin Vogel; In Louisville or Alberquerque, I hope. 

Shannon Mortland: a criminal lawyer 

Diane Needham: Traveling around the world for both business and pleasure. 

Carolyn Keaveny: C.P.A. and married and living in New Hampshire. 

Pamela Hall: in Florida 

Melissa Foley: At home writing a number one best seller. 

Moira McCarthy Egan: I will be 28. 

Eileen Connolly: Working in my day care center! 

Rebecca Cappers: Still working part time at Star Market. 

Susan Cannon: A chef at a gourmet restaurant 

Jody Crawford: Living in a beach house in California. 

Lynne LaPlante: A vet in Vermont, married (DANE?), 1-3 kids, 

Chrissy Leahy: General Manager of the Red Sox. 

Diana Paulik: No clue! 

Jennifer Young: With Eric. An actress or a singer. 

Mark Cotsonas: Traveling the world, relaxing a "pura vida." 

Tim Rcardon: In a corporate office in opposite land. 








I ii 




CHEER about; 










Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do 






btav M voav » 

"Face Life with a Smile" 

Love, Dad, Mom, Sil, Dan and Brandon 



Theodore and Elaine Samargedlis 

Best Wishes and Good Luck to the Class of 1991 

The Bermans 

Friends from the First Day Until the Last! 



You've come a long 
way baby! 
We Love You. 
Mom, Dad, Kathy, Ri- 
chard, Nikki, Christy 

We knew you had it in you from the beginning, Amy. 
Our best wishes and love go with you as you challenge 
the world with your art and creativity, and make the 
world a brighter and more interesting place to live. 
Love Dad, Mom, Lisa, John, and Ricky 

Congratulations to the Summer Time Sisters (1976) 

The World Awaits you ... We Wish You All The 


Love the Moms and Dads 

Kristen, You'll always be our 

special Valentine — 

Happiness and Success in the 

future . . . The best is yet to 

Love, Mom and Dad 





i >'^.-i-.~> 





Wendy-Lynne '91 

All the way with honors: 

Academically, Athletically, Personally! 

With love and pride 

Mom and Dad 


"Don't ever give up your dreams . . . 

And never leave them behind. 

Find them; make them yours . . . 

And never let them go!" 

Congrats! While you're at school I'm gonna 

miss ya! 

Keep in touch! Not Goodbye, Just Later! 

Love always and 4-ever, 
Allison XOXO 


Congratulations Pamela! 

We knew you could do it. 

Love Mom, Dad, and Janice 





OUINCr,MA02170 HINGHAM, MA 02043 

(617)4722900 (617)74O«)10 

+ GIfIS 
+ [Am 





-A fl'U. SFKVKF. nOWIST'- 
{6I7> 749-75(>3 

U ( L ' ■ : I ' ' n " ^^ I 

7i! ft N.«ib ^im 

Rarhara Sorshy 

Lorraine F. Alessi 
» Assorted Chocolates &. Truffles 
• Unique Gift Paekagins 
• Gift items 


Confectiontry for the Dlseriminaiing 
53 South Street 
(617) 149-6461 Ilineham, Mnsuchusctu 02043 

161 ^17-100109 



39 StaQoo St 

John - Tout - Pot 

SixdoUiU In Panonnl 


Adulti - Touns Aduld - ChUd/ia 


'6171 749-0169 





38 NORTH ST.. HINGHAM. MA. 02043 
TELEPHONE (617» 749-0354 




31-35 MAIN ST 
HINGh-IAM, MA 02043 



R1j\I. liSTAI H 



57 Water Street 
Hingham, MA 


(617) 749-1447 





HINGHAM, MA. 02043 

is the trustee 
for posterity." 

itji-.:-i': i'i r-iii 


( r.|ii»-,Iim',,llf !ll;,,'. 11 ■ <.>.nM 

The Whitney Gordons, Inc. 

T E W E L E R S ff« 

Lorrame Campbell - Michael Campbell 




Diamonds • Gold Jewelry • Watches 
Pearls • Precious Stones • Sterling Jewelry 


Open .Mon. through Fri. 9 to 530 — SaL 9 to 5 
39 .Main Street Hingham 

TELEPHONE: 749-0781 





92 South Street 


(617) 740-2682 

LEISUME TYME ^ ^^^^^ Mreet 


;M¥IICE ^41S)°S)4211 


Granary Market Place 
Hingham Harbor 



Major Credit Cards 


in Hingham Square 

Custom ^Desians in Embroidery 


73 South Street (617) 740-4380 







High School 
Class of '91 

Index Technology 


Anything scribbled , penciled, drawn, magic markered, sketched, painted, 
stamped, stenciled, burnt, embossed, embroidered, batikked, tie-dyed, cray- 
oned, carved, blowtorched, mucilaged, massaged, tattooed, peer pressured, 
fingernailed , lipsticked, baked, printed, pasted, super-glued, spray painted, 
Jello-ed, bubble- gummed, chiseled, gilded, grounded, charcoaled, air- 
brushed, translated, toasted, warped, wickered, wrung, or written onto, 
into, or nearby any of the desks pictured in this masterpiece has subsequently 
been erased, covered over, or washed away, so that, alas, the desks look 
just as they did 164 odd days ago. Have fun Class of 19921 



^ ftUOUJl 







) '^%. 5 

^^ leqaci 


u)i^^ o.5E\CffiJtt 






^ \ U) 




.00 i) 


^1 >^^ etc ^oSiiihfiCKBRS ^ X^ \ 

0y CD -§ &. 














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^ bv>/'e^>f\ 

Ik^ -S&i^ 







r ^^ ^:>> .vV^ -^ J ^ 



< T 





^ ■g'^Ao^